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The Client

Denhan is one of acclaimed clients of Cogito Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Based in London, this company is specialised in dealing with activities related to property management. Till now this renowned firm has handled various property management tasks in London. With the support of Cogito, it has significantly improved the service standard.

The challenges & Solutions

We, the developer team from Cogito Softwares Solutions Ltd. are doing our turn. We have assisted the company by developing a website for them. Our team has understood Bootstrap framework will be ideal for creating a website for the company. The framework is specialised in customising different framework in a simple manner. Using the Bootstrap framework has assisted the website in navigation. Website navigation is a biggest factor in an internet site, the developers from Cogito Softwares Solutions Ltd. has assisted in it immensely.


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  • Cogito has helped my commercial website in gaining maximum visibility in various platforms. This has brought me more clients.

    Christina Ferguson

  • Cogito Software has really eased my burden of constant website maintenance. So now it is possible for me to focus hard on my business.

    Donald J. Martin

  • It is due to Cogito that i can easily use my mobile within a cloud platform to access data from any place and anywhere.

    Ridley Thomason

  • Previously i used to be quite disappointed due to malware incursions into my networking system. Because of Cogito, such issues have gone forever.

    Scott Dean