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What we do?

We create bespoke software that is flexible and reliable. Our mock-up development model provides our customers with virtual reality of their software products and services at any given time. Our advanced prototyping solutions are very effective in delivering 100% spec for any bespoke software development process with undergo. Our 2X faster development time and timely delivery of software solutions, keeps us ahead from our competitors and save money for customers.

























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Why Us?

We build customised system that
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Our cost effective, long term, after development support is applauded by our esteemed clients which has reduced their cost of operation. We not only deliver you a product or service, we become partners with you so that the better value of your software or product is realised and kept intact. Rather than looking way ward, rely on us to watch your requirements and business goal getting fulfilled. Our bespoke software development solutions provide you with the edge where you get what you need and without any fuss! So why wait, contact us immediately with your requirement? We are ready to help.

100% Project Management 

Our project management involves an interactive, incremental method of managing the design and build activities. This provides a platform for new software product and software development services in a highly flexible and interactive manner. We follow Scrum Project Management methodology for managing Software delivery that comes under the broader umbrella of Agile Project Management. Why not give us an opportunity to give you a free quote for your requirement? It's FREE!

Project delivery within deadline 

While you are partners with us, sit back and relax, we are here to help you with the best deals and works that can offer the best values. The projects are delivered within the deadline as discussed and decided earlier. We pay attention to that of the customers need and understand the value of time for both your business and ours.

Bug free & reliability 

Our Test-Driven Delivery, adhering to all the basic principles of ISO/IEC 90003:2014 where a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement is practised. This ensures that our customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings benefit to their business. Why not try our Test-Driven Delivery approach to your software project? Let us know your requirement.

How secure your data with us? 

We follow the ISO/IEC 27002 information security standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and by the International Electro technical Commission (IEC). The business information shared with us from your part is taken seriously and therefore we keep them secured by applying ISO standard using latest IT technology. We are also registered with UK Data Protection Act 1998 to protect your precious personal information, if shared with us. You can now trust us with your software project requirement(s). We will give you a FREE no obligation quote.

How we communicate with you? 

We have developed our own Software Tools to communicate with you efficiently. Our Project Management Tool (PMS) provides a platform where you or your team members can communicate with our Project Team responsible for your project directly 24X7. The Demo Portal tool, allows us to securely show you our mock-ups, demos and provide you access to login information whenever necessary. The Ticket Management Tool (TMS) helps you or your team to raise any issues after the delivery of the software during the cooling off period and during the active AMC. Other tools like Timesheet Management System, Work Order System, Sales Management System and others gives us a complete CRM to manage, communicate and process your project information efficiently and in timely manner. Why not experience the above with us and sent us your requirement, we will send you a no obligation quote for FREE.

Corporate social responsibilities 

We are committed towards creating value for our customers, employees, shareholders, partners and individuals who are associated with us. We help young talents from grassroots level, by providing Learning Campus with various Institutions. Locally, we sponsor individuals to excel in computer discipline and select them from various campus interviews to work with us. 5% of our Work Force is either trainee or on job training in computer programming. We organise social outdoor activities and cultural programs for our employees to enjoy with their families. We contribute for donation of computers and internet access to various rural areas in developing nations. We also provide training to our staff with workshops to improve core competence, regularly. We are ready to help.

How we are saving energy & carbon emission. 

We take Global Warming and Carbon emission very seriously. We have recently upgraded our infrastructure to reduce carbon emission and save energy. We introduced intelligent and digital lighting wherever possible. We have Implemented sensors based illumination and the whole lighting operates via a computer program. Our new mandate published in 2017, which will be implemented by 2019 to become paperless office and cut office waste by 50%. With time, we will progress further and greener. Become green with us.

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