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Best SEO Strategies for Local Dentists

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seo strategies for local dentists

Want to make a strong presence on the internet for your dental business? Because you know how visibility can bring success to your business. Believe it or not, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the only thing you need to consider in the first place.

Having a well-built website is not enough these days owing to the heavy competition, your business is in. it is very much essential for local dentists to emphasize SEO to reach their goals.

Let us tell you three reasons why local dentists should consider investing in SEO

1. Free traffic

To make your dental business stronger by getting a huge online exposure on the Internet, then SEO is the most informed decision you could ever make. If your dental business gets top ranking in Google, not only would you get free traffic but also you can get new patients.

2. According to Google,

a)    local businesses get approximately 25% of search queries

b)    Nearly 40% of local businesses searches are from mobiles

c)     More or less 95% of customers rely on the Internet to search local businesses

3. Faster results

Many believe that it takes up to 6 months or so to get on the first page in Google ranking, that is not applicable for local markets as the results are way faster. It is all about following the best SEO strategies to get on the first page no more than 30 days.

First step: Keyword

First thing first, focus on intent keywords. Your dental business should focus primarily on hiring intent keywords as they indicate that someone is researching something. A keyword, for instance, “teeth whitening dentists” specifies hiring intent. This type of keyword is mainly used in optimizing homepage as well as service pages.

Research intent keywords are mainly used for gathering information. A keyword like “teeth whitening DIY” indicates no dentist is required. And this is what it is about.

However, these types of keywords are very useful. They can be turned into informative blog posts, which are read by thousands of viewers.

As you proceed further, make sure you focus on creating informational pages like blogs, articles using research intent keywords.

Second step: Keyword optimization

Your Google My Business Page is shown up in the results in “Map” against local dentists regarding searches. Optimizing this page can get your business the edge that it requires. It also helps your prospective customers to learn about your business.

Optimizing your business’s website

To optimize your website, you must consider focusing on hiring intent keywords to make your home and service pages match with hiring intent keywords.

Third step: Link and citation

Links mainly refer to hyperlinks that are pointed from another site to yours. They are more commonly known as inbound links. Links make your business more relevant and authorized.

The citation is mainly the name, address as well as contact number of your practice. First, add citation on the website, contact us page, and preferably in the footer.

Fourth step: Reviews

This is one of the major factors, giving your business an edge to compete with others and getting your higher ranking on SERPs.

So try to emphasize Google My business reviews

It is very much needed to have positive reviews on Google My business page. It will help this page to get a higher rank, giving your business more exposure. What’s more? When your prospective patients will see those positive reviews, for sure they will get in touch with you whenever needed.

Fifth step: Tracking

This is the key to your business’s success. And this includes a. Rankings, b. Traffic and c. Conversions.


Your keyword ranking is the first thing you want to track the ranking of.


Besides rankings, you must track the amount of traffic your business is getting. By traffic, we mean website visitors.  


Last, but not least, this metric is another thing that needs your attention. it is very important to track your SEO effort.

At a glance

If done properly, your dental business will get the best results by conducting a local SEO campaign.

Want professional assistance in SEO?

At Cogito Software Solutions, we have a specialized team to help local dentists to get more patients, so why not contact us today?

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