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Content writing is an integral part of SEO, without content you cannot bring rank in search engines. Professional Content Marketing services from Cogito Software Solutions aims to give you the best stories for your business. We create highly informative and unique texts which will surely guide your visitors and inform them about the services and products.

It is information that people look for in search engines, and as a service provider you must feed the visitors with rich information, and for that, you need unique and fresh content ideas.

Wondering what content means:

Contents mean highly informative and useful information, experience, stories, reviews, product information, which can help in engaging the readers and help in converting the visitors into customers.

In one word CONTENT For SEO is information

Here is an article where you can check 40+ responses on what is content writing?

To quote some of the responses:

“Scott Hepburn G+ – Information designed for consumption, seasoned for enjoyment, and packaged to share.

Kevin Cain G+ – Content is a compilation of information, ideas, and messages that are translated into some kind of written, visual, or audible format for others to consume.” Quotes are taken from Top Rank Marketing.

Whether you have a small business, an eCommerce store, or a service provider, whatever contents you need is our experienced In-house content writers can have got you covered

We can offer you content writing and copywriting projects of all forms and sizes. We are affordable and we believe in keeping a lid on our costs which makes us the best content marketing agency in London.

What kind of content writing does a professional content marketing agency provide?

  • Web Home Page Writing.
  • Blog Writing.
  • Article writing.
  • E-book Writing.
  • Product Review Writing.
  • Guest Post writing.
  • Brochure writing
  • Off-Page Blogs.
  • Press release.
  • Interviews.
  • Infographic Writing.
  • Writing Classifieds and SMO.
  • Landing Pages Formation.
  • Product Descriptions.
  • Email Marketing Templates Writing.
  • Newsletter Writing Services.

To explore our variety of Content writing services, check out our portfolio or get in touch with Cogito Software a content marketing agency in London.

We also provide content to boost search engine optimization in London and SMO services in the UK.

Our monthly blog packages are specially designed to help you get the best ranks in search engines and increase your organic search. Our bloggers and contents creators in London always keep the blog fresh and relevant.

They do not merely merge thousands of words repeating the same concept, rather the whole document will speak a story, it will directly communicate with you on various topics, there will be a discussion, and surely the content is problem-solving.

Our high-quality blog posts are search engine optimized to help you rank well.

We Do More than Just Creating Contents

Our contents are a powerhouse of information. They cover tips, hacks, benefits, and a lot more. We create contents of the following types:



Awareness Contents:

With concepts of your business we search for topics that your customers are interested in. And create contents to aware them of your services and products. Awareness contents include topics of benefits, how to apply the products, how to enroll for so and so services.(s).




Pillar Contents:

We need rich content for SEO. Therefore, pillar contents overall insights on a service or products. Such contents are mainly of over 3000 words. This Skyscraper SEO content strategy increases the chances of getting the 1st-page ranking with proper content optimization in SEO. 




Evergreen Contents:

Evergreen Contents are created on concepts that will remain evergreen or people will search for such topics for the long term. To check out our SEO content writing example or to know more about evergreen contents just visit the contact us page.



Cogito Software Solutions Content Marketing strategy can invite unlimited visitors to your website. We can offer you completed content in bulk, contact us for content outsourcing services now!

Let us do the heavy task of creating, and even publishing content for you!

Why Content Writing Is Key?

At Cogito Software Solutions, content marketing agency London, we focus on clarity of thought and presentation. Contents must be highly engaging it just add value to your services and products.

Writing for the web can be challenging, it can be daunting. As a new bee, you must be wondering why is content optimization important, why content matters for SEO, how does content affect SEO and a lot more must be coming into your mind.

Content optimization is important because as a marketer we have less than 5 seconds to engage the visitors. Your website to rank in Google needs powerful words to attack and leave an impact on your visitors.

It must be unique, the content must make them feel friendly, and the words in the content should not be rude.The contents must encourage them to take further action and place a call, or order a product, to make a registration, provide their email id.

So, rely on our professional content writing services and digital marketing services in London to deliver stories, reviews that work.

What is the relationship between content and SEO?

To quote a line from Search Engine Journal: “Content and SEO”.At their best, they form a bond that can catapult any website to the top of search engine rankings.”

Content and SEO work together in harmony, and Google crawls the contents and detects the relevant ones for the customers. Google processes 3.5 million searches daily, and contents on the 1st page are well suited to answer the queries of the visitors.

As a content and digital marketing firm our task is to organize the information and make it accessible for the world or the searches.

Useful and relevant contents boost SEO, our content writers work closely with the SEO executive who finds useful keywords for them.

Once the content is created the SEO experts add proper images, link the page, adding Meta title, Meta descriptions. Optimizing a page properly requires time, and our SEO experts are experienced in SEO optimization.

Why is Content important for successful SEO?

You can hear the phrase again and again that Content is King. This phrase is very important for the success of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Get your content right and you will have a solid foundation for your SEO efforts.


First, you must know what search engines are looking for?

Search Engines want to do their work properly by referring people to relevant websites and content. Relevancy is determined by content, performance, authority and user experience.

Content is determined by the fresh text, titles, and description.

Performance means that your site must be fast and it should work properly. Authority means your site must have updated and useful content to link to other authoritative sites. Another site might use your website as a reference. Also, your site must be user friendly, it must have easy navigation, good look, and it must be safe also must have a high bounce rate.

Being an experienced content marketing agency in London, we bring you a few facts that our content writer follows before creating blogs, articles, and webpage content. Following these rules help us to lay a solid foundation to support our SEO efforts and bring results for your website.

The quality of the Content:

The content should be unique and have the best quality. Fresh content is instantly read by viewers and they get knowledge about your products and services. In turn, they get interested in buying the products. Content should be typed, not copied from anywhere.

Keyword Research:

As Keywords drive targeted web traffic to your website, it plays an important role in SEO service in London. Well researched keywords can skyrocket your business to online sales success. Keywords are words and phrase that internet user’s type into the search box of a well-known search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In choosing keywords for your business, it becomes really important to put some time and brain into researching the words. Use free online tools like Google Keyword Research Tool and Wordtracker for researching. These tools help you in getting insights about how many users are searching for the particular keyword, and how much completion is there for that keyword in online.

Use of Keywords at the right place:

After research using these Keywords in the right places becomes very important. There are 8 places where you can use keywords on your website. With these places you can signal to Google, which pages you want to rank, and for which keywords. The prime places are Page Title, URL, H1 tag, Body Content, Site navigation Link Text, In-Content Link Text, Image tag and Meta description.

Fresh Content:

When SEO says Fresh Content it means timely content. We also cover topics on current events and also create seasonal content that can provide details about the breaking news sort of topics like the addition of some new products, the qualities or advantages of using these products, etc. For providing professional SEO services London we believe each contents must be updated once or twice a week so that viewers can get to know more about the website services, and products.

For example, a recent article that is written recently can be one of the top stories and can come on the 1st page in Google ranking. This marks that the article or the content was fresh along with good SEO optimization.

For professional search engine optimization, unique and optimized content truly rules the Internet. Therefore, contact us for digital marketing services in the UK and let us guide you to use and create your information for your business wisely and the first time visitors will surely become premium customers.


Welcome to Cogito Software Solutions a professional Content Writing Services and search engine optimization, service provider.

We are an end-to-end provider of digital marketing and Content Marketing services in London with our development center in India.

Being in the industry with over 10 years of experience, we have professional and experienced content writers who can create amazing results for our growing list of pioneering clients.

As a London based content marketing firm we create the most amazing content that is highly informative and customized with the best keywords.

As you know that websites we develop are 100% secure and safe. Our content writers can fulfill all your online website requirements. They can create attractive, emotional and catchy taglines, and website contents to create positive emotions among your customers.

Not only that, but they will also work on your services and create highly engaging, promotional content. We specialize in making innovative SEO marketing approaches, to put your website at the top so that your targeted audience finds you easily.

We also specialize in creating content for social media campaigns that focus on increasing engagement and protecting your brand image. We also help our clients drive conversions and contributing to revenue growth with our PPC services.

Content is the king of today's marketing environment. Our Content Writing team specializes in producing unique content that drives audience engagement. CONTACT US TODAY.