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What do we do when we think about finding answers to our queries or increasing our knowledge about a certain subject? Of course, we search the web Right! What is that one thing that people come to search on the web? It is the CONTENTS!

Have you ever given it a thought that “WHO” create these informative articles, and news stories, blogs, and so on? THE CONTENT WRITERS, THE BLOGGERS, THE COPYWRITERS, and THE MARKETING SPECIALISTS are the ones who specialize in creating information posts for the audience and the readers.

But is content writing easy? Every piece of writing whether it is a story or a novel or a poem, written by the epic writers are created with an aim, to tell a story. And for that, it must be written in the most attractive, gripping, and interesting way. Therefore, content writing is not easy.  Read this blog for more content writing tips from KARI DEPHILLIPS the owner of the content factory.

According to Cary, the website represents the company, and the content illuminates your company's services, virtues, and how your company performs in the true sense. Therefore, whether you are just a blogger, or a content writer working for a company, you must understand the content game properly to attract customers.

“A Survey from the Salesforce and Pardot found that Consumers consider trust in the company’s content 3X more important than trust in their employees.” -The Content Factory

You can go through this article from The Content Factory for even more content writing tips. Similarly when it is content it has to be interesting, informative, and an awareness piece that is meant to attract the readers, and keep them reading. It can be a blog or article, web content, guest post, LinkedIn article, Facebook post, and others. As a professional content writer, you must drive in clicks and engagement through the content. Which is surely not easy, but remember nothing is tough for a PRO. You will surely need great tools or resources to guide you in your content writing to deliver the results.

So, today we will explore the best content writing tools and resources which will surely guide you to improve your readability and visibility. But before I take you through my list of content writing tools and resources, let me summarize you the features of good content writing.

Summary: Content Creation has to be interesting, informative, gripping and capable of attracting the readers, and keep them reading through your blog or article.

in this post I will guide you with content resources and tools so that you can ease your content writing tasks. Not only that you will also come to know about the importance of various type of tools and how to use them from this blog. This is a really long post, therefore I have broken it into sections. 


What are the content resources?

The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

How do I start content writing?

How you can write SEO rich content

How will you be on the 1st page with my writing?

Is Content writing tools essential for a content writer?

Why Is Proper Content Writing is Important?

How do you need unique contents for SEO & Digital Marketing?

How to understand which free Content Writing Tools are the best?

How do you write the best strategic content with examples using the tools?

Keyword Research using the content resource tools

The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

How long should content be for SEO?

Does word count matter for SEO?


What are the content resources?

Content Writing resources are information or tools to automate your daily routines. Automation will allow you to stay more focused and create optimized, user-friendly content. Creating great content includes a lot of challenges, this is why the resources can assist you in your content creation with more focus on the recent trends, keyword searches, visual contents, and also easily making the content error-free.

A thoughtful strategy serves as a hub for all the content marketers and the readers. It should not be only done to support search engine optimization but it should be an overall collective effort to inform, aware and educate the readers looking forward to enriching their knowledge about content marketing.

How will you know about the best content writing recourses?

The best content writing resources will surely include:

Lots of valid information:

To enable customers and prospects to easily seek information, the resources will be compact and filled with valid information, examples, and statistics.

Address numerous other related questions: 

A valid resource page shall not only speak about the topic mentioned in the title but rather readers will also find solutions to the related topics. For example, this blog is focused on content writing tools and resources. This is why you can find relevant tools to customize your content and ways to improve your content writing skills.

Updates on the latest tools

The resources page is one of the prospects where you can find relevant tools, and valuable insights to optimize the content to rank well in the search engines.

It increases the “stickiness” of your website: 

Since you have valuable and updated content the customers are more likely to stay and browse your resource center. It helps spread your influence.

When content is easy to understand and relatable people are more likely to share your links. Thus a resource page can increase your audience and website traffics.

The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

Content Creation Tools and resources can boost the writing skills of a content writer. There is no doubt that as a content writer you need to drive in traffic for the website you are working and convert the traffic into leads. But when it comes to blog writing, then the question is how much time should you dedicate to publishing the blog? Completely a fair question! A lot of marketers want to create a bulk amount of content, with zero information and efficiency. On the other hand, other marketers plan to spend hours on a single post to benchmark their marketing efforts. 

Therefore, in this blog our aim is to ease the burden of a content writer, right from topic selection, keyword selection, getting blog topic updates, grammar checking, checking the uniqueness, and other automated help for a complete SEO optimized blog. So, I am presenting a complete over 47 well-researched Content writing tools and resources list. Hope you enjoy reading them. 

TOOLS that will help you get Blog Ideas

TOOL 1: HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Sometimes it becomes really hard for a content writer to come up with fresh blog ideas. You can use the HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator to come up with a long list of updated topics and frame your blog in the correct direction.

TOOL 2: Idea Flip

Instead of writing with just a simple idea that comes up to your mind you can take the chance to do some research through Idea Flip and come up with the best idea. What this tool does is to help writers note down, mange, and develop ideas through its interactive environment. 

TOOL 3: AllTop:

A never-ending content inspirational tools, containing information of real-time. You can get all the trending topics to write and engage your readers. This tool collects and aggregators headlines from top sites, as a content creator you can use this tool to create the most trending posts for your blog or website.

TOOL 4: Content Idea Generator

Through this tool, you can automatically generate hundreds of blog ideas and create any kind of posts. Sign in with your email and First name, you have to answer 18 questions on what you sell and the tool will generate over 300 unique post suggestions for you.  

TOOL 5: FX tools Blog Post idea Generator

This tool is pretty simple all you need to do is the energy your topic and click on give me an idea the tool will generate the blog topic for you. 

TOOL 6: Content Idea Generator from SEO Review tools: 

This is a 100 blog idea generator tool where you have to enter your keyword and the name of the country and click on perform a check. The tool will generate 100 ideas on that keyword for you. 

TOOL 7: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer:

EMV headline Analyzer is from an advanced marketing institute where you have to enter your headline and you need to hit enter. The tool will analyze the emotional marketing value of your headline. You can keep tweaking your headline until it reaches a 50% mark. Mentioned below are the screenshots on how the tool works. 

Image Credit: This screen shot is taken for reference by Cogito Softwares using Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

TOOL 8: Google news alert:

Another very important tool for the content writers is the Google alert, where you can log in through your Gmail. You need to enter your category, whether it is medicine, real estate, or another. Google Alert will inform you about the recent posts along with days and dates, you can check out the posts made by your competitors and you can use the technique for your post too.

"When you reach your audience on an emotional level touching on their pain points you have the better chances to reach your goals."

Keyword Generating Tools 


TOOL 9: Google Keyword Planner:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is another very important tool that SEO Specialists must use. Before starting any campaign, a marketer needs to find the best set of keywords. Through this tool, you can easily drill into specific locations, find competition in that particular geographical area, search volumes, and more. Despite other keywords tools available on the internet, Google Keyword Planner remains indispensable among SEO marketers.

TOOL 10: Google search console and Webmasters tool:

Google Search Console is a conglomeration of several SEO Tools. It helps marketers to check the visitor metrics, check website errors, verify website indexing, broken pages, and much more. Formerly known as webmasters tool, you can also get a direct message regarding issues like malware attack, bad linking, and other technical issues. Surely, a great tool to detect problems that might hurt a site’s rankings. 

TOOL 11: Neil Patels Uber Suggest:

Uber suggest brings you the best strategies that are working well for others in your industry. You can enter a domain name and get suggestions for the keywords used in that domain of your competitors. Therefore, you can easily use the keywords for the best ranking in Search Engine. 

TOOL 12: LSI Keyword Generator:

According to SEO experts and pro content writers, they suggest that the LSI keyword helps the search engine to understand the subject of the post. Suppose you take a keyword Apple and take fruit, tasty as the LSI Keywords. The associated keywords will help the search engine to decipher the content clearly and understand that you are speaking about fruit and not about an iPhone. The primary keyword density will be easily fulfilled, and you can maintain the maximum usage keyword guidelines mentioned by Google. Therefore, take the help of LSI Keyword Generator to make the search engine easily understand your content context.

TOOL 13: Ahrefs:

Ahrefs tool is one of the most trending tools to measure SEO Metrics and helps in searching content by keywords and time frame. In addition to the content explorer Ahrefs includes competition analysis, keyword research, backlink research, rank tracking, and web monitoring. 

Checking the status of your post 

TOOL 14: Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most popular tool, where you can easily measure the visitors. It is a free analytics tool that notes the activities performed on a website. It notifies the top performance posts on your website, the pages, and keywords that are getting impressions, places from where you are getting visitors, and much more. If you have not yet installed a Google Analytics on your website surely set it up now!


Beak is an amazing tool to track the overall page views for your site. There may be various other tools but the beak is absolutely free and very easy to implement. You have to create a tracker for your post and enter the campaign title, choose from the 5 options of what will you be tracking like web post, email, link, pdf. In case you choose web post you need to enter the name of the website and create the tracker campaign. You will get an HTML that you need to embed into the body of your web post to begin tracking. 

Content grammar Checking Tools

Making punctuation mistakes and spelling is very common among content writers. But we cannot deliver a document with your mistakes to the client. On top of that, you will have pressure from your senior to deliver the post on time. So, other than Grammarly there are other Online Grammar checking tools, which are definitely very handy. Check them out below:

TOOL 16: Grammarly:

Grammarly is the best tool to correct grammar mistakes instantly. The tool has options to upload your complete document and check the grammar, spelling mistakes instantly. Not only that these tools can be customized according to the native English. Also, you can check the overall score of your content, correctness and engagement level, and more.

TOOL 17: GradeProof:

Grade proof is a grammar checking tool powered by Artificial intelligence. Using this tool you can easily refine your skills, and construct more error-free content. This tool has plagiarism checking facilities, writing statistics, custom settings. A free user will have the assess to essential grammar and statistics, while the premium services will get access to the advanced features comprehensively enhances the writing quality.


TOOL 18: After the deadline:

This open-source grammar checking tool, and works well on windows and mac. After your complete your post you can quickly check the piece of writing by copy [pasting it in the interface of www.polishmywriting.com. It is also available as plugin support for web applications like WordPress. The spell checker is available in french, German, Spanish, and more. Use it for an error-free copy.


TOOL 19: WhiteSmoke

Whether it is spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or punctuation mistakes WhiteSmoke will take care of all your writing errors. The premium version can easily use ion Windows, MS Office, Gmail, and other browsers. There is an automated translation service in 50 languages, a plagiarism checker with 5000 credits, and over 100 documents templates are available in the paid version.


TOOL 20: Ginger Online:

Ginger corrects all types of grammatical errors including punctuation, style, and sentence structure. But this free tool is limited to only 350 characters but if your sign up with ginger you can get a smooth and robust Google chrome plug-in for free.


TOOL 21: ProWriting Aid:

Another great free tool where you can easily do all your editing and improve your writing. The tools require signup and you need to click on the Editing tool to correct your contents. Click menu and then select new and then upload the document or you can also paste it in the editor. Now keep check the left-hand corner and check the document. Use this tool to improve readability, style check, sticky sentence check, overused words, plagiarism report, and much more.

TOOL 22: Other top rated grammar checking tools: 

Online Correction, PaperRater, SpellCheckplus Pro, and Hemingway AppScribens, Reverso Speller, Virtual Writing Tutor, grammarix, are the best grammar checking tools available for the writers. 

Plagiarism or Content uniqueness Checking Tools

TOOL 23: Copyscape: 

Google is against copied and plagiarized content. Copyscape is a premium tool that helps marketers to detect fresh and copied content. Through Copyscape, you can make sure that your article has quality content and not stolen from other companies. This is the best tool where you can get a 100% non-plagiarized unique content report.

TOOL 24:Small SEO Tools:

This is a 100% Free SEO tool that can be used to create an overall optimized content. You can access to 12 text content tools like plagiarism checker, article rewriter, grammar check, word counter, spell checker, paraphrasing tool, MD5 Generator and upper to lower case, word combiner, image to text converter, text to image and translate English to English tools. Not only that Small SEO tools have many image editing tools, keyword management tools, backlink tools, website management tools, website tracking tools, proxy tools, domain tools, password management tools, and the list is endless. 

Tools to check Content arrangement or Content optimization Tools

TOOL 25: Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is a free plugin that comes with WordPress. As WordPress is an SEO Friendly site, you can check the readability of your content through Yoast. This is not a tool but a plugin that analyzes the ratio of the keywords, also helps you to place meta title and description, and much more.

TOOL 26: Rank Math:

In case you have a WordPress Website you can easily use the Rank Math tool. Rank Math can help you with complete content optimization, from the content title, meta title, meta description, focus keyword, meta tags, alt image tag, the content readability check, finding keywords, adding inbound and outbound links. The advantage of using this tool is you can create customized content and keep improving it until it reaches perfection. A real handy content resource tool for content writers and SEO experts. 


TOOL 27: Canva:

Research shows that if a post has an infographic then 90% of the information gets transmitted to the brain. Therefore, adding an infographic is very essential. You do not need to be a designer and know using photoshop, or adobe to create an infographic, Canva can help you do so. Therefore, use Canva to enhance your content with attractive graphics. 

TOOL 28: Venngage:

Venngage is easy to use graphic design tools where you can easily create graphics, social media headers, blog headers, and much more. There are almost 20,000 unique icons and also access to royalty-free stock photos. 

TOOL 29: Piktochart:

What immediately comes to your mind when it comes to long type blog posts? Images, Infographics, charts, statistics, and much more. Therefore, in case you do not have the resources to hire professional designers and looking for a time-saving option Piktochart can help you with creating the best infographics, social media graphics, presentations, reports, posters, flyers, and lot more. Take the help of this amazing tool and let us know how it helped you in the comment section below!

TOOL 30: Biteable:

The tagline of biteable says make videos better than your competitors in your lunch break. The easy to use platform and layout can guide you to create some of the best videos with contents in minutes. A must checkout video making tool.

TOOL 31. Postermywall:

Poster my wall is an absolutely easy to use tool for all kinds of image creation, social media posts, banner creation, video making and a lot more. In case you are running out of time or do not want to depend on a professional designers, just create you post image with the help of poster my wall.

File Sharing Tools:

TOOL 32: Trello:

Trello is one of the best project management visual tools. Trello has more than 35 million registered users and it perfectly guides them to organize all the projects at work, at home, or anywhere in between. Trello is infinitely customizable and flexible for your every need.

TOOL 33: Dropbox:

Dropbox is absolutely fantastic for content and document collaboration. Use this single space with your team to share and collaborate everything from team meetings agendas, project outlines, posts, images, videos and other relevant files. This tool has a very simple and easy to use formatting option therefore you do not have to spend more time with content management.

Tools to Ease your Writing 

You see as a content creator or a content writer, it is a serious issue to form content and then lose it in case you forget to save the copy. As we all know that writing is all about passion and when you are into creating copy, you have to forget all other things. As a content writer it happened so many times, I am about to complete content or post and somehow I forget to save the copy, or due to power failure of laptop shut down, I lost the copy. I feel like a content writer this is a very serious issue. And there must be a way out, so do not worry! I have brought some of the best-autosaved post creation tools and tips: 

Features that we desire in an article writing tool are:

  • Autosaving features
  • Easy and eye-pleasing formatting 
  • Content portability
  • Spell checker
  • Grammar mistake highlighter
  • Options to optimize the text

Here are the best tools which will surely ease your content writing and take your blogs to another level. 

TOOL 34: Google Docs:

A prime problem faced by Content Writers is losing their files. Daily they create their content using Word, but you may forget to save the file, and suddenly the power gets off, or you shut down your laptop forgetting to save it. Surely there cannot be any other nightmare than this. So, use Google that that can assist you with auto-saving your documents also you will have all the similar features as in the Word. Check out why Recruiter was bound to ditch Microsoft word in favor of Google Docs

According to all in one SEO tool, Writing can be difficult if you don’t have the right tool. Google Docs is one of the best word processing tools and it’s 100% free.

TOOL 35: Windows Live Writer (2012 Final Edition):

The best offline blog writer tool, where you can write blogs on your local computer. Just add the blog account and start creating blogs, by adding images, format the text quickly and also categorize the tags. It supports word press and Hub spot. Built-in spell checker, Word counter, image effects, auto-save options, recover changes dialog box on the program crash. 

TOOL 36: WordPress Post Editor:

To sum up the Word Press editor in one word, I would say, it is amazing. So, the WordPress editor saves changes every 1 minute and not after every change. To make each change work you have to enter ctrl S. But the benefits with WordPress Post editor is, you can easily edit your words and customize it in a single time. But if we see the benefits, the post that we create gets autosaved in a minute, and as of my accidental situation if we lost our writing it will be the works of a minute. Well, that acceptable I hope so!

TOOL 37: Google docs Voice Tying:

So, typing content for the day may tire, have you ever tried the Google Docs Voice typing. This powerful transcription tool is brought by Google Docs and of course, it is free. Moreover, you ask simply to use your voice to jot down all your thoughts. Just open a Google Doc in Chrome and select the voice type from the tools section. 

SPECIAL TIPS for saving your copy:

So, in case you are using the Microsoft word, this software has an amazing way to autosave your copy. Normally the copy gets autosaved after 10 minutes but you know as a 

Content writer you can write almost a lot of words. Therefore, follow the following process to autosave your copy every minute. 

  • Take your mouse to the office button at the left corner top of the page
  • Right-click on that button
  • Click on customize quick access toolbar
  • On the left, you will get word options
  • Take your mouse to SAVE and click on it
  • Customize the Save auto-recovery information. 
  • I believe 1 minute is the best option for every content writer 
  • Lastly, save the option. 


Tools to guide you when you are in the mode of “FINDING WORDS”

TOOL 38: Power Thesaurus:

When you have to form a 1000 word posts or more you have to keep in mind not to repeatedly use the same words. Therefore, power thesaurus is an amazing tool that will help you boost your creativity by providing a list of synonyms, antonyms, definitions, examples, and more. 

TOOL 39: Word Hippo:

Word hippo makes it easy for the content writers to find related words and also antonyms. You can also find words that rhyme with the keywords you are using in your sentences. This is easy and fun to use the tool. Therefore, as a content writer, whether it is about improving your vocabulary or customizing your post with the best words, use Word Hippo.

Text Fixing Tools

TOOL 40: TextFixer:

Organizing the content is a must for the content writers. A blog contains several parts, heading subheading, H1, H2, H3, and so on. But as a professional Content Writer, you must always make sure that the titles are organized. Therefore, capitalize each word of the title. The TextFixer is an amazing tool which will automatically help you to make the first letter of a sentence a capital letter. The newly capitalized text will appear in the box at the bottom of the page. Check the image below for an idea of how the textfixer tool works. So, now whether you have your content written with your capslock on accidentally, you do not need to delete the text and write it again this tool is a savior. The text fixer tool has an amazing set of tools, which you can use to ease your content writing. Check out this link.

Image Credit: This screen shot is taken for reference purpose by Cogito Softwares using TextFixer. Customized by our designer. 

Meta Title and Meta Description writing Tools

TOOL 41: SEO Mofo:

SEO Mofo can help a content writer and SEO expert to simulate Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). Use the form below to enter the title, meta description, and URL of your web page, and this tool will generate a virtual search result listing based on your input. 

TOOL 42: Kayak Meta Title and Description Writing Tool:

Page title and description must be unique and properly stuffed with keywords. Creating a Meta Description can be time taking if not done properly. Therefore, you can easily use the amazing tool from kayak marketing to create attractive Meta Title and description. 

Word Count Checking tools

As a content writer, you must pay attention to the words and characters of your content. Keeping track of your word count is necessary not only to optimize your content properly but to complete it on time. Therefore, the following content writing tools can help you ease your post word counting. 

TOOL 43: Word Counter.net:

This tool is not only ranked as the best word counting tool but also can help content writers, editors, bloggers, and SEO copywriters all around the globe to improve word choice and writing style. The tool can also optionally, help you to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

TOOL 44: Word Count Tool – Word Counter:

Another tool to measure the blog or post count. Word count tool also has an extension that can be added to chrome and Firefox, internet explorer to ease your search results. You also embed the word count tool on your website. On the right you can find the statistics of basic word count statistics, lengthy statistics, reading time, reading statistics, and top keyword statistics. 

Hashtags Generating tools for Social media contents

As a content writer, you may have to write social media posts very often. So when I have to write the social media posts I include the best hashtags in my SMO so that the readers can easily connect with my content. But finding the hostages can be difficult. There take the help of the following tools:

TOOL 45: All #ashtag:

Based on your search criteria you can find the best hashtags using this tool. You can enter your keywords and get similar hashtags generated to grow the engagement rate. 

TOOL 46: Ingramer:

This tool lets you use the top and trending hashtags, each time you post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram. You can create your hashtags by entering the key phrase or by using a maximum of 5 keywords. 


Other similar tools that can help you with the best hashtags are Influencer marketing hub hashtag generator toolHashtags for likesKicksta Hashtag generatorInstavast Instagram Hashtag generator

Are Content Writing tools essential for a content writer?

Content writing tools like Semrush, Yoast SEO, Rank math has proved to help a content writer form the most well- researched contents or posts. The recourses and tools also help in finding out how your competitors are doing is a true marketing strategy. A Competitive Analysis of their content writing techniques will allow you to analyze the type of posts and contents they are writing to engage their customers. Do not directly copy them but take an example and frame your own strategies. Try to figure out their successful post timing and days. What kind of channels they are using, where are they posting the content.

Therefore, the tools will allow a content writer to:

  • Search the keywords used by the competitors
  • Contents they are posting and their social shares
  • The strategy of the content
  • The number of words they are using
  • The exact time span of their content posts
  • Google Analytics can help check the search volume
  • A monthly search of the keyword in that particular area
  • The kind of information and statistics the competitor is using to engage customers
  • Google Adword planner is the only free content writing tool used to analyze keywords by SEO experts and contents writer.

Content Marketing or creating blogs, articles, and social media posts is about engagement, therefore, you must research well before landing on a decision. Check what types of contents your competitors are posting like images, videos, quotes, important dates etc. The tools will surely guide you.

How do I start content writing?

Content Writing is all about passions therefore the most important aspect to start content writing is your research and function.

Before you begin your content, PLAN your 5 STARTING points

  • THE SUBJECT of your POST
  • What is the importance of the SUBJECT to the people?
  • What makes you an EXPERT in your field?
  • HOW WILL you make the POST special?
  • FIND SOLUTIONS for the people about your subject

You must know how to pair the content with the right way of processing it. Before you start creating your post-work on the central idea and then organize your work. When I was going through an article from www.entrepreneur.com I was quite impressed, with the 5 skills to become a successful content writer. Go through it to start content writing.

Before you start content writing online follow the following tips:

  • Research a lot on the topic you are writing
  • Find your unique style of writing
  • Stick to the point
  • Form a Killer title and an attractive intro
  • Keep it simple as if you are communicating with your audience
  • Read edit and improve
  • Become a storyteller
  • Remember to mention a conclusion
  • Work on the feedback

How you can write SEO rich content

Words are the most important medium of transferring messages from one person to another. As the world of internet is huge, the only medium to communicate with the huge group of mass is through words. For your business to establish SEO rich content convey your message properly to your audience. To create a properly optimized content you have to speak the details about your business, the services that you offer, and the products that you sell on your site. The most updated websites must blend quality contents with a personalized content and Search engine marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Here are few tips that you must follow for create SEO Rich content:

  • Write content with your main focus on branding: People prefer to work with those companies who have a personality and the human voice in all their writings. The person reading your landing pages, articles, must feel that you are talking directly to him/her. Regardless of the fact, that your business is B2B or B2C, maintaining a consistent brand voice is essential to building long lasting relationships that will maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Write contents to relate to the target audience: It is not enough to assume a general demographic for your business and try to convert them with a general sales pitch. Researching your niche audience to a customer profile level and identifying their category is more important and similar to understanding their needs. You should connect with them through copy, and content that specifically addresses their expectations. In this way effective copywriting can help you speed up the conversion process.
  • Writing for different media: Your content should not be identical to that of a Facebook post. As you are writing on behalf of your company, you must be careful about holding a common theme while also exhibiting versatility. You must follow certain rules and regulation while writing your content, no grammatical mistakes, nor copied or duplicate content. Always remember that you are representing a company, people are going to know your company and its services through the words you are writing. So, the content must be appealing real, and direct. The person reading must feel that you are directly speaking with him.
  • Content must be SEO Friendly and well optimized: Organic traffic from search engines is still the most relevant way to generate leads for your business. Writing with SEO and highly ranked industry keywords in mind will help you rule over your competitors and get your website ranking appropriately. If you can successfully produce valuable content, your website can be able see an increase in traffic volume and more qualified leads.

How will you be on the 1st page with your writing?

Choose the Topic of the content smartly. Research the web and select the trending topics according to the industry. Offer your audiences the best tips advice, and solutions to their problems.

  • Create posts on trending topics: Try to form posts on the most trending and unique subjects and topics. Google keeps indexing posts and prefers to highlight those with the best information. Therefore, prioritize the topic.
  • Keyword in 1st paragraph: You must always incorporate one keyword at the beginning of your content. This makes your post very optimized among the ones who don’t have this feature.
  • Make sure that you have the most unique format in your post: Include infographics images, and quotes as much as possible.
  • Create the maximum number of inbound and outbound links: You need to link other webpages to your website. That means you need to incorporate links in other websites and also other pages of your website to attract direct online visitors to your website.
  • Provide to the point answers: Have you heard the term zero snippets? It means the first content your viewers will see on Google with the question or keywords they search. Therefore, make your answers short, to the pint, and its better that you create a list.
  • Try to offer solutions to the problems: Do not always focus on creating promotional content, rather provide solutions to the problems, answers to the questions that people are facing in your blog writing niche.

Why Is Proper Content Writing is Important?

Proper Content writing is important to keep the audience engaged and bring the best results for your business in an organic way. As a start-up company, you must intelligently form your strategy. New creed insights in one of their posts has explained in detail the importance of content marketing how much money businesses have invested in the Content marketing technology. Self-promotion is not enough engagement. Social Media best works for eCommerce sites. And if your audience asks questions reply to them as soon as possible take the help of blogs, articles, and more. You need not spend every moment answering their questions but reply back with a well-formed or optimized content.


Content writing is very important to bring engagement and connect with customers. The visitors came to your page to find answers, therefore, keep in mind why users came to your page. Give them what they want at the very first of your contents, users intent, and then give them reasons to stay in your page.

How important is Content for Search Engine Optimization?

Without Content a Website is incomplete. Content and SEO at their best is a bonding that makes a website fly to the top of search engine rankings. But if they are in their worst it gives rise to penalties and a drastic fall in rank.

Contents can be in the form of landing pages, on-page and off-page blogs, articles, Press releases, guest blogs, PPT submissions, data submission, and video contents.

What exactly is its value to and how do they work together?

Search Engine optimization is about informing the search engines about the existence of the services that a website offers. Therefore, contents organizes the information accumulates words and then SEO makes it universally accessible. So, the mission of content marketing is to form information that is useful and relevant to the readers. In Google the pieces of contents are Google recommends creating content with the following elements:


Usefulness of content is judged by the fact that, the words should be relative to the website. For example, the website is related to a restaurant, the contents must be related to the foods available in the restaurants, the process they prepare the foods. Also, the ambiance of the restaurant, contact information, Tips to choose foods for a dinner date or party and more. Similarly, a website that is related to fashion dresses must have style tips and tricks, summer clothing styles, about the latest collections and more.


Before forming contents check the quality of the competitor's website. Study the keywords and the topics they are using, your main motive should be to form blogs with a different perspective. It must be appealing, specific and high quality. Google ranks website with contents that more information and large word limit. Research has shown that the word count of top-ranked pages in Google are above 2000. Moreover, make the paragraphs short, insert bullets to give the tips and tricks, highlight the keywords with bold and italics.


You can easily boost the trustworthiness by making a section of client or customer testimonials. There must be a review section, authors biography, citations and more. Make a portfolio section on your website with the work experience of your client. And do not forget to mention details about the client.


When your contents are up on your website it is open to millions of people. Therefore, beware of spelling, grammar issues. Keep the style, font size same and engage the visitors with regular updates.  Comment box, and social media sharing options with widgets are very much essential.

Why do you need unique contents for SEO & Digital Marketing?

Search Engines want to do their work properly by referring people to relevant websites and content. Relevancy is determined by Content, performance, authority and user experience.

Content is determined by fresh text, titles, and description. Performance means that your site must be fast and it should work properly. Authority means your site must have updated and useful content to link to other authoritative sites. Another site might use your website as a reference. Also, your site must be user friendly, it must have easy navigation, good look, and it must be safe also must have a high bounce rate. Here is a post that explains unique contents are very essential for SEO and digital marketing and the growth of the business. You can get a complete idea on the importance of Content marketing ion the industry.

Here are a few facts that you must check while writing content. If you follow these rules you can be sure that you have created a solid foundation to support your SEO efforts.

  • The quality of the Content: The content should be unique and have the best quality. Fresh content is instantly read by viewers and they get knowledge about your products and services. In turn, they get interested in buying the products. Content should be hand written, not copied from anywhere.
  • Keyword Research: As Keywords drive targeted web traffic to your website, it plays an important role in SEO. Well researched keyword can skyrocket your business to online sales success. Keywords are words and phrase that internet user’s type into the search box of a well-known search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.In choosing keywords for your business, it becomes really important to put some time and brain into researching the words. Use free online tools like Google Keyword Research Tool and Wordtracker for researching. These tools help you in getting insights about how many users are searching for the particular keyword, and how much completion is there for that keyword in online.
  • Use of Keywords at the right place: After research using these Keywords in the right places becomes very important. There are 8 places where you can use keywords on your website. With these places you can signal to Google, which pages you want to rank, and for which keywords. The prime places are Page Title, URL, H1 tag, Body Content, Site navigation Link Text, In-Content Link Text, Image tag and Meta description.
  • Fresh Content: When SEO says Fresh Content it means timely content. Timely content can provide details about the breaking news sort of topics like addition of some new products, the qualities or advantages of using these products, etc. Each contents must be updated once or twice a week, so that viewers can get to know more about the website services, and products.

For example: An article which is written, recently can be one of the top stories and can come on the 1st page in Google ranking. This marks that the article or the content was fresh along with good SEO optimization.

Content is truly the kind on the Internet, use it wisely and the first time visitors will surely become premium customers.

How to understand which free Content Writing Tools are the best?

Tools and resources for content writing can make your work easier, but as you go the web and enter the best content writing tools, you will get a long list of tools claiming it to be the best. And you will have to go through them one by one for the whole day, to understand whether they are the best. This is why we have researched and selected the 35 best tools and mentioned it above. But as content writers it becomes easier for us if we find free tools, providing valuable results.

You can find a list of the best free tools, in the infographic below. Also, I found a very useful article on best content writing tools recommended by pros, surely I am referring it all the aspiring content writers. 


How long should content be for SEO?

As a content writer, you should never measure by the number of words you are using. Being an SEO content writer I have to form blogs, off-page blogs, articles, landing pages home pages, and more. An ideal blog post length for SEO should be of 300 Words. Google recommends 300 words per page. When it comes to blogging the blog lengthy will depend on several factors, the kind of topic you are writing, the kind of tips and tricks you are offering your readers.

The more information a content contains more engagement it becomes. Have you heard of skyscraper contents? So, Skyscraper SEO technique was invented by backlino director Brian Dean, and the strategy goes thus, that the more information you have in your content the better ranking you can have for that page and website. Dean has detailed the approach with the justification that the skyscraper technique can marvel everyone, as you have to build bigger, newer, better content in a  more interesting approach which will surely be relevant that other websites. Moreover, the content will be compact and readers can find all their required information on just one page.

But sky scrapper content must be written in high-quality English, with a  good understanding of keyword optimization, the subject matter, and the industry.

The Take Away - How long should be your content?

  • The minimum word limit for a blog post is 300 words.
  • Research has shown that blogs or articles or posts containing 1000 words get the best search engine rankings.
  • Forbes mentioned that blog posts that have more than 1500 to 1600 words are has a changed of more than 68% to get shared on Twitter
  • Posts that contain more than 1500 words have 32% to get shared on Facebook.
  • A famous SEO Journal named Search engine journal suggests that if you want 1st page Go with the 2000 words practice.
  • But remember, the goal of creating content should be collecting relevant links, and satisfying the search intent by answering the questions first.

Based on SERP data from SEMrush, we found that longer content tends to rank higher in Google’s search results. The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.” – Quote taken from Search Engine Journal

Does word count matter for SEO?

Yes, word count matters because writing contents is of no use if you are not found in the

Search Engines. The aim of content writers must be to create the most conclusive, interesting, and in-depth pages so that visitors can feel satisfied with your suggestions. Therefore, you must provide them with outstanding and relevant information and hold them to your website for a certain time. 

To quote Ahref’s advice on Content Writing: 

“Don’t shoot for a particular word count — just make sure you cover a topic in full. Whether that takes 500 words or 10,000, the key is that you are creating the best resource available for your target keyword.”

To Sum Up: 

Getting backlinks is a smart SEO strategy, and strong backlinks come from strong and creative content. A content writer should not just create content or posts rather they should be weaving words, to grab the attention of people, from the very first headline. Remember, the website copy or the blog that your writing is your silent salesman and you should focus every bit of your content with information that the web is missing. Therefore, take the help of the Resources for content writers to create the most informative content. Hope this post will help you in your content writing journey. Follow them and let us know in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note:

This blog has been created by the Cogito Softwares Content Marketing Team, in association with the Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design Team. The A TO Z Content Writing Tools and Resources for Content Writers is created for the purpose to guide writers whether they are bloggers, web content writers, technical writers who find the correct resources tools to ease their writing. Moreover, we have also researched and spoken about other useful and tending content writing tips essential for a  content writer. We have taken help from top marketing journals and the best resources found in Google to construct this informative piece. Hope you find it useful in your daily working life. Thank you for reading this blog.  



















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