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Cookie Policy

There are several information that is collected with the cookies about the surfing details. This is used later to ensure a better experience of the visitors in the website helping them in a more focused way. The knowledge of the previous searches serves as specimen for making chances in the newly modified ones to match the requirement of users.

The use of the cookies are basically to customize the website and make tailored changes as demanded by the customers in their previous visits. But in the process the cookies that we generate do not store r save any of your personal information like that of your name and address or your credit card details. In case, this happens by chance the data is encrypted so that there are no scopes for others to use the data in any way. The team of COGITO SOFTWARE LIMITED makes sure the information is not misused.

Follow the list of cookies that is used by us and also know the use of each as standardised by the International Chamber of commerce.



Vital Coockies

Considered as the most important feature of a website, these are factors that allows you to freely access any website. The cookies are generated in order to aid the customers for using its features and explore the secured areas of the website. Since, thee are of immense importance and inevitably used for a carefree browsing, one is not asked for using this cookies while they are using our website. Without this cookie various important features will go missing like that of – Shopping bags and e-billing facilities.


Perfirmance Cookies

As the name suggests these cookies are directed towards understanding the factors by which the COGITO SOFTWARE site is used. These are also used in order to maintain the history as in if there were error message cropping up while a person is using the website and are eager to contact later. Most of the performance or analytic cookies are set using one of the successful third party web analytic software. Since the information collected by the cookies comes in an aggregated manner there remains no risk any affect on the privacy concerns. Improvement is the only factor behind the use of such cookies and thus it allows highlighting products and services that are sold by Cogito Software Solutions Ltd.

When your are using the website of Cogito Software Solutions Ltd it ensures that you are already giving permission to place these cookies on your device as well.




Functionality Cookies

These cookies are mostly used to allow the website to remember preferences made by the viewers (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal features. For example , these cookies can be used to recall the edits done by you for a feature of the website like that of - text size, fonts and other parts of web pages. They may also be used to provide task that you have requested for such as watching a video aligned with the blogs or such as commenting on a blog. The message these cookies gather may be anonymized manually and they cannot be tracked in any of your browsing activity on other websites or search engines.

By using Cogito Software Solutions Ltd's website you are already providing permission for the placement of these cookie types.




Targeting or Advertising Cookies

Mostly used to understand the relevance of your searches and the adverts that interests you, these cookies are also used to limit the advertisements that you are actually viewing thus making it sure that the usefulness of the advertisement campaigns are maintained and used perfectly. These are used by the adviser's and used only with the consent of the viewers of the website. The website remembers your visits through the use of these cookies and are regarded as the most important ones that help in understanding your approach towards an advertisement. Most of our websites do not use targeting cookies. We will ask for your consent before we use targeting cookies.




Typical content of Cogito Coockies

A unique name that is provided by the site that generated it.

A value which is actually the information within it that recalls your previous activities.

An expiration date that determines how long the cookie will remain active in your browser before being automatically deleted.




3rd Party Cookies and Social Networks

If you click on a hyperlink from Cogito Software Solutions Ltd’s website to any third party websites (e.g. if you ‘share’ content from Cogito Software Solutions Ltd’s website with friends or colleagues through social networks), you may be sent cookies from these third party websites. Third party websites will have their own privacy and cookie policies which Cogito Software Solutions Ltd’s cannot control. Please check the third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.