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How Does WordPress Help Startups Drive Conversions?

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WordPress as a Content Management System has seen numerous updates since 2003. This was the year it was introduced in the market. WordPress 5.0 is the latest version, and now even a layman can edit a beautiful blog with it. It not only helps in driving more traffic to a website but also turns the visitors into leads. Designing and developing a website in Wordpress is super easy, and since it is "FREE" WordPress is most desired option for bloggers, and business websites. 

But remember this easy CMS (Content Management System) has numerous comprehensive steps that only an experienced Wordpress developer can complete. Therefore, in case you want to build a professional level WordPress website trust only a professional WordPress Development Agency.  Read this blog to know how WordPress helps in driving conversions: 

Two Must Know Plugins that Can Help You Boost your Website Performance

  • Yoast SEO: Have you ever heard of Yoast SEO? This plugin helps a website in optimizing the website pages. Best for SEO you can edit the page as per the guidelines of Google. Since Google nowadays prefers skyscraper contents, try to make your blogs or landing pages, lengthy with sufficient information. Customize it with proper images, alt tags, meta titles and meta descriptions. Coming to URL or slug ensure that all the website pages have small URL with a proper keyword.


  • Gives you the privilege to customize the page with the right ratio of Keywords
  • Make sure that the content has a proper structure.
  • Short paragraphs and proper subheadings
  • Content must be styled with bullets and points.
  • The keywords must be highlighted in bold and italics.
  • The readability must be GOOD.
  • Use enough transition words and less passive voice.

The Green sign ensures that your page is properly optimized.

  • Call to Action Plugin: Call to action buttons are used in a website to guide users in drawing conversions. It encourages website visitors and blog readers to take action and by clicking the button they can reach the desired page.

Call to action buttons are a common website element, and certainly you have some on your website.

Any button on your website that prompts the visitor to act immediately is considered a call to action button. For example, a button that asks the visitor to Learn More fits the bill perfectly.

Some examples of calls to buttons in WordPress are:

  • Add to cart buttons
  • Download now buttons
  • Free sign up buttons
  • Subscribe
  • Learn More
  • Join us

While designing a call to action button all you need to do is give a smart and catchy tagline or text to enable customers see quick benefits of using your website.

WordPress Security Plugin: When you are investing in a website, it has every single information about your business. Rich themes are plugins can invite unethical practices such as hackers to destroy your website.

So, to avoid being a juicy target to malicious actors you must pay attention to the best practices of WordPress security. A hacked website can cause serious damage to a website business. Therefore, Website Design and development agencies always take proper care to secure a website.

Suggest A Few WordPress Security Best Practices

WordPress takes care of website security. Though various aspects come under WordPress security you must assure that the developers include the following:

Use strong admin name and passwords: The admin name and the password are the entry gate to your website. Therefore, whoever handles your website must use strong admin Id and passwords. Make sure that not many people have access to information. 

Install a backup solution: The website backup solution is mainly to protect the website. Regular follow-ups encourage the development team to take up timely backups of the full site. You can store the backup in dropbox or stash which is a private cloud. 

Install security plugins like Sucuri and WordFence: Security plugins enable audit logging, email alerts, checking the integrity of the website and a lot more. The WordPress security plugin has the power to browse through all the tabs scanning the malware, failed login tracking and more. The best part of the Sucuri firewall is that the security plugin comes with malware cleanup and guarantee to remove the blacklist. 

Importance of SSL Security: Look at the top of your page, does it show “HTTPS”. If it does, then your website is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. SSL encrypts data transfer between the website and user browsers. Thus, any kind of information which passes through the website will be automatically encrypted. 

Disable XML-RPC: XML RPC helps to connect the WordPress site with the web or mobile apps. If XML RPC is enabled a hacker can use the function called system. Multi-call to try opening the website with multiple passwords. So, surely disable it for safety. 

A Good Hosting: A good hosting is a key to maintain a good website speed. Sluggish websites put off visitors, which means that they are less likely to stay. Your choice of the host will influence the website’s success. Moreover, hosting a secure IP address means enabling HTTPS. 

Best Security Plugins from WordPress

  • Sucuri WP Plugin
  • WordFence Security
  • iThemes Security
  • WP Security and Firewall
  • WPS Hide Login

Few quick mediums to increase conversions with WordPress

  • USE LIVE CHAT: The impact of Live Chat is gradually growing and you will be surprised to know that it enables real-time conversions. In the digital world impressing the customers is the prime goal. But how is it possible through Live Chat. Chatting means starting one to one conversion with the visitors when they visit your website. You can start by “Thank You for visiting our website, is there anything we can help you with”. After the visitor replies, you can proceed by helping them with their requirements. Research has shown that live chat contributes to the increase in conversions. In fact, through direct interaction, you can easily understand the requirements of clients.
  • POPUP PLUGINS: WordPress gives business owners an amazing chance to communicate with the visitors by using the PopUp Plugin. By employing this plugin, you introduce your content, product or encourage people to purchase your product. Not only that, popups are the best way to inform customers about discounts and special rates. A few other functionalities of popups are: make announcements, collect email addresses, highlight new content, or hold them inside your website for more time.

The best Popup plugins are:

  • Optin Monster
  • SumoMe List Builder
  • Social PopUp
  • Ice Gram
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS/ ROBOT.TXT: These are the best tools to track conversions. All you need to do is ask the WordPress Developer to install the above tools on your website. Google Analytics is a map that helps a business owner to map out the conversion actions. Through analytics, you can mark the exact number of people who visited your website, from where and when. You can also use the Google Keyword Planner tool to check out the best Keywords. Robot. Txt gives a website more visibility by blocking crawlers into visiting or reading private content or folders.

A Web designer, developer plays a truly important role in shaping a website with the help of WordPress CMS. Since it is an open-source platform, there are hundreds of advantages but beware of its shortcomings. The WordPress Security plugins will surely minimize the problems. In case you want a unique business, address which will help you boosting your business profits surely rely on the professionals.

Contact Cogito Software Solutions at +91 (33) 4601 3441 for WordPress Web Design, WordPress Website Development, WordPress Website maintenance, and also Search Engine Optimization. 


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