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Relevance of Drupal to manage business successfully

In business it is very much essential to maintain a close watch on the choice and preference of the customers. It will help you to gain sufficient insight while launching any new product or service in the market. However, with the emergence of open source applications like Drupal, such task has become quite easier and efficient. Using Drupal will help you to come across different various themes and modules to improve the standard of an e-commerce website to build a long lasting connection with the consumers.

Do you lack proper exposure on this open source application? Do not worry because we will offer you proper directives and guidelines with essential resources to instantly respond to the diverse requirements of the customers. For that we mainly utilise the following features of this open source application:



We will help you to avoid spending money at all while using Drupal. As it is a free open source application which is bundled with themes and modules, we will only provide you support at the time of code personalisation to easily meet the distinct needs of the customers.




SEO Friendly

The specialised Cogito team will help your e-commerce website to achieve maximum visibility with the support of Drupal. In doing so, we will ensure that your goal of stringent customer management system does not affected at all.




Mobile Friendly

We will help you to reach before a large phone user to easily track their purchasing habits and other activities through ensuring proper utilisation of the Drupal platform. Through such initiative, we also help you to instantly avail the online searching statistics of the consumers to determine their brand loyalty and inclination towards any specific products.




CRM and Marketing Automation

We offer you vital support to smoothly integrate your e-commerce platform with various popular marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Silverpop, and Pardot etc. At the same time, we will ensure that you can easily utilise the CRM Core of Drupal to improve the level of customer relationship.




Greater Compatibility

Our team will help you to achieve a complete integration of cutting-edge applications like phpBB, SAP, etc. with your Drupal based website. At the same time, we will make sure that you can avail the benefits of availability, manageability, interoperability, security, flexibility, and scalability of valuable CRM data in all conditions.