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Few Misconceptions Associated with Mobile Apps Development

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These days, companies are ready to invest in the mobile apps development projects. It is simply due to the rapid growth in the number of smartphone users throughout the world. This automatically widens your chance to reach before a vast consumer through introducing mobile-friendly web pages containing various product information.

Are you planning to develop interactive mobile apps? In that case, it is time to become aware of some misconceptions that are closely attached to the tasks of mobile application development. These mainly include points like:

  • Single Platform is Sufficient

App developers sometimes believe that creating a single platform is enough. However, the reality is that creating a single platform usually restricts the size of your market. Although the IDC study highlights that dominance of the Android operating system in the mobile market had risen to 82.80 % in 2015, it never implies to ignore developing other platforms like Blackberry, Windows, and iOS.

  • Saves Valuable Time

You may have heard that mobile app development is not at all time-consuming. However, the truth is creating mobile applications involve a lot of time, resources, and devotion. It usually takes about four to twelve months. However, the duration may be higher in the event of developing games like Angry Birds. A PC World report suggests that the Rovio company had taken at least 8-9 months to create this mobile gaming app.

  • One-time Investment

Every organisation believes that developing mobile apps is a single-time investment. This not true because creating an iPhone-based app usually involves an estimated investment amount between $1,000-$4000 which is just the beginning. As per the Savvyapps’s report, the entire price entire cost to create any simple mobile app actually amounts to 25,000 dollars.  

  • Replacing Web Apps with Native Apps

This is completely a wrong approach which commercial enterprises prefer to follow. There is no possibility to deny that native applications are able to provide an outstanding user experience based on the specific requirements but that cannot be the reason to underestimate the importance of the web apps. You need to remember that these mobile websites do play a crucial role to highlight your products and services in the decent ranking of various search engines including Google.

The industry of mobile app development is steadily increasing. In case, you want to participate in this profitable sector then consult an expert as early as possible. To know more, get in touch with Cogito Software Solutions.

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