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Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising- Which One To be Used

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Presently, the Facebook ads and Google AdWords are dominating the industry of online advertisement. Both these platforms offer a credible medium to draw a vast user base. It will be really interesting to compare the actual benefits of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.   

These days, every industry is becoming extremely competitive. As a result, it really becomes tough to decide which advertising channel will be able to generate the desired outcome. The only way to end this confusion is by considering some vital points. These mainly include:

  • Budget Strength

The expense of running a cost per click or CPC advertisement is usually very higher in Google AdWords in comparison to the Facebook ads. The average CPC budget for the Facebook ads is only $0.28 approximately. Whereas, in the Google AdWords, the CPC price is about $2.32 as per the WordStream report. In the event of possessing less advertisement money, you should run the Facebook-oriented ads to gain more customers at a lower price.

  • Competition and Industry

It is necessary to determine which sector does your organisation belongs to. Moreover, analysing the competition level is vital. If your company belongs to the healthcare, legal, finance, and education industry then it will be quite hard to attain success by the Google AdWords campaign due to the extremely competitive keywords. Hence, using Facebook ads will be an ideal solution.

  • Primary Objective

It is necessary to determine the budget power of your organisation alongside the industry category and competition. After that decide whether your aim is to generate demand or to raise the brand awareness. In case, you want to generate leads or sales then it is better to use AdWords. It will allow the target viewers to easily search the exact products that your company is involved in selling. But here also, you need to think about the overall budget.

  • Users Intent

It is crucial to assess the intention of the viewers because that will help you to determine which advertisement medium will be ideal to be used. In case, you are intending to capture the attention of the users who are planning to buy a specific product or service then using AdWords will be a good option. But if the intention is to generate more consideration or awareness for any product then utilising Facebook ads is a smart choice to identify the unaware or new customers pretty conveniently.

  • Search Volume

  It is a commonly overlooked point but once emphasising you will be able to sort out a way of revenue generation without bothering about the Google vs Facebook advertisement competition at all. When any newly introduced service or product of your company comes with the zero or negligible search volume then choosing AdWords will not help in generating the requisite traffics. In such a scenario, better consult an expert to proceed correctly.

It is really impossible to survive the stiff market competition without having a solid digital presence. Hence, it is wise to online advertising platforms to attract a vast customer base. In this context, it is better to avoid the Google vs Facebook advertisement debate. Then it will become easier to decide which advertising platform should organisations use. In the event of any doubt, seek expert assistance immediately. We, at Cogito Software Solutions, will help you to pick up the ideal advertising channel once assessing your company. For having a detailed discussion, fill up the online contact form of our website as early as possible.

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