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How YouTube Campaigning Can Benefit Your Business?

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YouTube campaigning

Google says that over 1 billion users spend over 6 billion hours watching videos on YouTube every month. No wonder, YouTube is getting this much views of a vast audience, making it the most effective platform of advertising your businesses. Seems good, right?

Tools like Google AdWords are quite beneficial if you are thinking of running a YouTube video campaign to grow your business. If you want to take advantage of advertising on YouTube, you must take your time to create creative and personalized video ads. Making videos that are relatable to your target audience is what it is all about. This would make your audience share motivated to share with their associates.

We have curated the benefits that you can reap through YouTube campaigning and here are what you are looking for:

The target audience

According to studies, YouTube hits more than 1 billion visits every month along with visitors watching more than 6 billion hours’ videos.  YouTube is definitely the star performer when it comes to reaching its target audience and it apparently has the potential of drawing a large number of visitors’ attention.

YouTube campaign/advertising enables you to conduct precision targeting on the basis of visitors’ location, demographics, viewing devices to make sure that your videos get the right click by the right people.


Unlike television advertising, YouTube advertising happens to be more measurable. Wondering how? You can view the success of the video just using clicks and send a query to the customer service representative questioning about where the customer heard about your product from. Another useful tool, Google analytics allows you to see if some visitor went off without watching the video and if someone watched your video more than once.


As compared to any other social media channels, users tend to be online more time on YouTube. This is very effective for your business if you want to draw more attention to users.


Are you thinking about the cost of running a YouTube campaign? You need to pay per one view on your video. Wondering the cost of advertising on YouTube? An advertising video typically costs $0.10 to $0.30 on each view, on the basis of video quality and your targeting.

The next that might pop up in your mind is that button on a YouTube video saying “Skip Ad”. And this might be causing you to wonder how you are going to be paid if someone is not watching the entire ad by clicking on that button. Let us assure you by saying that YouTube never charge advertisers for the very first 5 seconds and viewers can watch an advertise, if not, then the placement remains unpaid.

If you want to run a YouTube campaign, Cogito Software Solutions could be of your help. You can contact us anytime to get the ball rolling!

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