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Instagram Marketing 2019: Why Should You Focus on It?

Home Instagram Marketing 2019: Why Should You Focus on It?

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With more than 1 billion users, Instagram marketing has been growing to reach its peak almost for the last few years now. Businesses all across the world using Instagram as a marketing channel and studies say that people close to 80% are more likely to follow a brand on Instagram.

In this article, we will be drawing your attention to the reasons why you should reap the benefits what Instagram has to offer. Let’s look at how Instagram helps you grow, especially when you are a small to medium-sized business that operates locally.

1. Building trust with the target community (audience)

Using Instagram for your business usually involves creating a target audience who you can regularly interact with. There is one good thing about Instagram; it fits with almost all ‘branded’ contents in terms of connecting with your target audience. In fact, building a positive connection helps your brand earn consumers’ trust.

What else could you do? Did you know that sharing a part of your company with your followers that they are not accustomed to seeing is more effective than you could think? And there are plenty of ways to do that. From putting your thoughts on your followers’ plates to showing some of your company’s fun activities - you can do everything.

2. More engagement with your audience

Instagram helps brands create more engagement and not only that. With high-quality relevant contents used, a brand can easily achieve its goals.

Using this social media platform has been growing exponentially with time as marketers are now familiar with the fact that there is a bigger opportunity to create a strong impression on the internet.

3. Generate brand awareness    

With more than a billion active Instagram users, it only makes sense when businesses focus on leveraging this platform for expanding not only their customer base but also their revenue.

For a business, you might not be able to add links in your posts on Instagram. However, this could be proved favorable as no competition can beat your traffic generation.

For businesses looking for being discovered on social media, there is no other useful platform like Instagram that can help your brand generate more awareness.

4. Advertise your brand to get better results

Though Instagram is free, still, businesses that seek more social media exposure to increase their followers could opt for paid advertising as well. All you need is to do a bit of planning before starting advertising. A fun fact about Instagram advertising is that users do not feel them as intrusive. In fact, they enjoy seeing your ads as long as you are putting legitimate effort to make them right and relevant.

5. Hiked sales

Instagram definitely makes it easier to share your brand’s professional images in order to promote your services. Leveraging Instagram for marketing purpose is probably the best way to increase conversion rates.

6. Instagram Stories are a great way of engaging more users

Basically, it helps your brand in these:

  • Improve the rate of engagement
  • Increase overall content
  • More product visibility

Using Instagram stories is a great way of engaging your followers.

a)       Instagram is a viable way to increase followers’ engagement

b)      You, being a business, can spread your content using existing resources

c)       With real-time marketing used in Stories, you can connect with your target audience

To wrap it up

Once you are done with identifying and analyzing various benefits and opportunities that a social media platform offers to you, your business will continue to earn more revenue and receive a bigger return on your investment (ROI).

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