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Evolution of Joomla as a reliable CRM platform

Running a business has become lot easier due to the arrival of outstanding customer relation management system applications. In this context, the powerful CRM tools of Joomla have able to win the trust and confidence of the business owners. Both these Joomla CRM tools come with unique in-built features. These mainly include:


Multi-language Support

It is our responsibility to ensure that language does not become a barrier when you are responding to the queries of the domestic and overseas customers. For achieving this goal, the experts of Cogito Software will always provide you the essential support with the proper utilisation of the CRM tools of Joomla.




Contact Management

We will help you to find the prospective customers along with the contact information with the support of the CRM tools of Joomla. In doing so, we also provide you valuable support while promoting brand loyalty and awareness. At the same time, we will make sure that your site contains various contact options to acquire better response from the customers.


Contacts and Leads

We will help you to easily enter contacts and leads through wise utilisation of the Joomla CRM tools. At the same time, we will also provide you the option to import them into the other systems of your e-commerce platform. We will further ensure that you do not face problem while tracking contact details, documents, notes, and conversations.





It is our responsibility to ensure that viewers can smoothly navigate your web pages instantly on the basis of popular items with the support of these CRM tools of Joomla. Through proper utilisation of these tools, we will also provide you the updated statistics on the search preference of the consumers.



We also help you to properly utilise the mobile layout feature of the CRM tools. It will empower you to easily gather the essential information on your smartphone that involves emails, auto dial numbers, and others.


Easy Updates

We always work hard to ensure that you can easily achieve the goal of customisation without any deviation. For that, we always emphasise on the proper utWe will help you to thoroughly update all or any of the features of the Joomla CRM tools. It will help you to improve the functionality of the CRM system to a great extent to meet the expectations and basic requirements of the customers.

Are you encountering problems to strike a proper balance between these two CRM tools while running a Joomla based website? Then contact us at once. We will help you to accomplish such balance through proper integration of all the features of these two tools. We do possess the required skill and expertise when it comes to utilising the features of CRMery and JEXTN Lead Management. We will help you to improve the client retention rate of your business. Just assign us the responsibility of your CRM project to experience the outstanding result that will totally transform your business graph forever. So what are you waiting for? Talk to our experts at once to occupy a dominant position in the market.