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Latest MySQL Security Features Which You Must Learn

Home Latest MySQL Security Features Which You Must Learn

MySQL is an extremely popular RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which many small and large organisations prefer to use. It enables them to manage the database contents quite easily. But in an era of constant technology transformation, it is necessary to become aware of the latest security features of this system on a daily basis. To know more, just read these points below:

  • Encrypted Connection

MySQL is able to implement the SSL library by offering encrypted connectivity without neglecting the privacy of the users. Although the process is not much simple but observing the tutorial guidelines on MySQL documentation will enable you to complete such an implementation task within a shorter duration.

  • User Privileges

The most vital aspect of the MySQL security is the privilege system that determines who among the users will be able to access the database. The process is actually carried out by associating every user with a fixed network location to prevent the chance of unauthorised accessibility from an unknown or unreliable place.

  • Cryptographic Functionality

Presently, you will be able to derive a wide range of hashing and cryptographic functions of the MySQL that maximise the chance of decrypting or encrypting the data as per the requirements. Although it is perfect to decrypt any data in the MySQL but focus on encrypting any sensitive information through external applications which are hailed as one of the best security practices.

  • Audit Plugins

The current 5.5 version of the MySQL comes with the interface commonly known as the audit plugins. These plugins, once receiving inputs about the database activity, are instantly able to decide on the next step of action regarding the stored information. Although the feature is still undergoing further development, it will surely be possible to attain a tailor-made audit trail that can be merged into the MySQL with an IDS mechanism.

  • Database Log

The log files do play a crucial role in computer security. Such files support a thorough monitoring to detect unauthorised tasks alongside performing a detailed analysis in the event of an irregularity discovery. In MySQL, you will come across the error and general log files. The general log is involved in recording every database task while the error log is involved in receiving problem- based notifications to ensure a proper fixation of an issue.

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