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What is Local SEO: How it Helps Security Service Providers?

Home What is Local SEO: How it Helps Security Service Providers?

local seo for security service providers

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredible way to promote your business to local customers. To put it simply, it intends to help your website get higher ranking on Google against local searches.

Suppose, your security business’s intention is to work with people in the same area where it is located, then the effort you will be putting in that is local SEO effort. To understand it better, let’s dig a little more.

What is “search intent”?

Search intent generally entails the idea of why you are searching for a particular topic. When you type a keyword, for instance, “dentists (near your area)”, it will show all the businesses in the local area in the search results. Here is an example.

Top 6 reasons why local SEO is a good idea for your security business to grow

1.Local clients are more likely to search for a local business on the internet

Let’s talk statistics here! Did you know, according to searchengineland.com:

Ø  Local searches are conducted by around 96% of desktop owners

Ø  64% of total local customers rely on search engines as well as directories to discover businesses near them

Ø  Nearly 50% of local users seek business information such as their phone number or address

2.Local marketing is enough strong and extremely targeted

People make searches on Google to find if there is any service related to their needs. You just need to implement local search tactic so that you can promote your business and better your position in the search results.

Let us get this straight here; local search does a great job by introducing your brand to your potential customers when they are seeking for it. So why not grab this opportunity to boost your brand’s online presence? Think about it.

3.Of all advertising channels, local searches have maximum conversion level

Online directories generally show vital information of a business like the name, address, contact information along with some additional info (business description). Not to mention, local directories are dominating the first pages of many local search results. Unlike traditional advertising means, local directory promotion is responsible for a bigger conversion rate.

In other words, if you do a proper listing of your security service provision business on various authenticate online directories, then it can help you convert at least 1 lead out of 2 into a potent customer.

4.Mobile internet is growing fast

With as many customers starting to use smartphones to find local businesses, it’s a huge opportunity for businesses like you to grab. And the great part is that local search engine optimization has got both mobile and PC users covered, so there is hardly any chance you miss out on a single customer.

5.Local SEO gets your business a huge return on investment

Local SEO gives you a bigger exposure when it comes to promoting your business in the local market. It helps you get to potent customers at the time of their needs, not yours. What could be better than this? On top of that, there is no big fat cost involved but the payoff is pretty much high. For this, it is an essential component of digital marketing.

6.Around 90% of consumers (18 to 34-year-old) rely on online reviews

Reviews play an incredible role in successfully growing local business. Do not give up on putting the effort needed in increasing the online reputation of your business and convincing your trusted clients to post reviews about how your business helped them.

Are you ready to grow your security service website with local SEO?

Every business owner follows the trend of local search now. If you are not following the trend now, it is high time you do so. If not, your competitors will take up the place and surpass you. So get going and improve your position in the local market. 

To ensure the best results, you should work with a digital marketing company that uses the latest SEO tools. If you are in search of digital marketing services London, Cogito Software is here to help you out. We are capable of delivering results using the latest digital marketing strategies. We also provide additional services such as web development and creative solutions to help you succeed in your endeavours. 

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