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Why Magento is gaining much priority in website development

The competition in the e-commerce sector has greatly intensified. For enjoying a competitive edge, commercial organisations are emphasising on choosing the appropriate web development platform that can help them to easily reach before the vast audience group. In all such cases, magento always enjoys a leading position over other open source CRM applications. It is based on the open source technology to deliver absolute control over the functionality, contents, appearance of any e-commerce store to the owner.

Do you want to smoothly incorporate this open source platform into e-commerce development project? Then contact Cogito at once. We are very much adept in handling Magento and other open source codes as per the needs of the customers. Just place your requirements before us to experience the dedication and outstanding skills of our team.
For meeting your project needs, we mainly utilise features such as:


Cross Browsing Support

We will ensure that the websites based on Magento are able to conveniently run across different devices without becoming slow. In this way, we will help your website to gain surplus visibility and accessibility in laptops, desktops, smartphones etc.




Search Engine Optimisation

Do you not obtaining the desired traffic flow into your website? Then we will provide you the right guidance to achieve this goal. In doing so, we will emphasise on utilising the in-built tools of this open source application. It will automatically raise the ranking of your website through crawling of its pages by the search engine.




Reporting and Analytics

We will help you to scale down the cost of reporting, analysing, and tracking without compromising your control on the website. For that, we always concentrate on proper utilisation of magento which is bundled with features such as:

  • Refunded invoice and total sales
  • Tax and sales reports
  • Google Analytics
  • Report on product review etc.

Multi Currency and Multi Lingual Support

We will help you to design website that can easily support multiple languages and currencies to easily draw customers from different parts of the world. Our Magento developers will provide valuable support in this regard without compromising the security of your e-commerce store.




Total Site Management

It is our responsibility to ensure that you do not encounter problems while maintaining any e-commerce store. For this reason, we always focus on proper utilisation of magento to help you in controlling website at any location.

The arrival of latest technologies is widely expanding the scope of experimentation involving open source applications like magento. As a result, it has become mandatory on your part to become aware of the latest features and trends of this application. Cogito Software Solutions will help you in this regard through providing the right IT support and online tools. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and priorities before deploying the ideal solutions. To know more, get in touch with our customer service team anytime.