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Mobile Site Development

How to integrate the ideal solutions in mobile site development

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPhones etc are gaining widespread popularity as these have brought the medium of internet within your palm. For this reason, many analysts are projecting that in the near future mobile devices will finally replace personal computers when it comes to accessing the internet in a smarter way. Keeping such prediction into consideration, many companies have started to hire professionals to develop mobile websites that can easily fit into all screen sizes.

Are you planning to launch mobile friendly websites? Then Cogito Software Solutions is the right place for you. We have thorough expertise in developing responsive mobile websites that can improve the navigation experience of the users. For accomplishing such task, we mainly utilise latest trends such as:


Optimising Images

We will help you to optimise images depending on the size of your device screen. In this way, we shall deliver you unique experience whether your mobile device is having expensive or low bandwidth. We will also help you to adjust the pixel ratio, width, and height while downloading the images instantly.




Application Programming Interfaces

We will help you to reap the benefits of new possibilities utilising such specific sets of rules and specifications. We will enable you to integrate the real experience of the customers with the apps of their choice.


Redirection and Mobile Detection

We are capable of providing you the appropriate solution in ensuring constant detection capacity of your mobile device in any locality. For this, we mainly utilise Java script, CSS, and other sophisticated programming codes.




CMS Coding and Integration

We have the required tools and specialised team to meet all your integration and coding requirements related to the content management system. In this way, we will help you to monitor the contents of your mobile website and update it once receiving your request.




Cross Browser Development

We will help you to design and develop websites that will work smoothly in all platforms. At the same time, we will provide you support to upgrade these browsers on a timely basis. We will ensure that these browsers do not encounter any trouble or interruption once tapping the finger.




Social Media Integration

We will provide you thorough guidance to ensure proper integration of various social networking platforms depending on the overall screen size of any mobile phone. As a result, you can easily access the social networking websites of your choice in a short cut manner.




Geo-Location and Mapping

We integrate the suitable applications in every mobile website development project to meet all your basic and premium requirements. It also encompasses mapping and geo-location features where we constantly emphasise on building web applications that will enable users to state their current location very easily.




Compliant Standards Page Templates

We will devise customise page templates that are absolutely compatible in different mobile devices like smartphone, iPhone, tablet etc. This will be based on unique style, font, and so on, to accommodate all your requirements under a single umbrella roof.

The rapid growth of mobile users has provided a cost-effective opportunity to the commercial organisations to enhance their client base. For this reason, there has been a steady rise in the mobile-friendly websites. It can truly improve your business curve as you will have the opportunity to easily meet the demand and expectations of a large global community. In such scenario, it is wise to seek the consultation of a specialised agency like Cogito Software Solutions. We will help you to launch mobile friendly web pages to generate interests among the users towards your company. For more information, visit our website at once.