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While you are interested in joining the company you can take a look at the policies and facilities that make our company a better working space. There are few important things that could be included in the list of benefits that the company offers. We at Cogito Software Solutions Ltd makes sure that the “a happy employee is regarded as the most productive one” and thus make sure that all the factors are well managed to keep the employee happy and gay. There are several benefits that one can avail from that of the institution thus making it a better work place for all. Following are few facilities that one can avail from that of the institution.

Facilities at work Since our company is concerned with several clients we deal with several projects that comes our way. There are many successful projects that we planned and strategically accomplished in bringing the business for the concerned clients. The main focus of our work is in achieving hundred percent customer satisfaction. This is the work of the experts to pay attention to all that the clients have to say and then work accordingly such that all the talents are well utilized. With several facilities that are offered to the employees, Cogito Software Solutions Ltd becomes the ground of budding talents.

  • Training to the employees while working on a project.
  • Improvement of skills and encouragement for the same.
  • Resource centers for the use of employees.
  • Programs as apprentices are offered to the interested and eligible candidates.
  • Tuitions and job trainings are offered to thecustomers.
  • There are diversity programs arranged for the eligible candidates.
  • Flexible working hour benefits are offered to the employees.
  • Statutory benefits are offered to employees.
  • Sick leaves could be availed.
  • Paid leaves are offered
  • Vacations could be availed.
  • Weekly holidays are available.
  • Optional holidays are there.
  • Options for work from home
  • Maternity leaves for woman employees andpaternity leaves for the men employees.
  • Childcare leaves are available.
  • Unpaid extended leaves in case of emergency.
  • Application of flexible working hours.
  • There are pension plans and retirement plans for the employees.
  • Performance bonus is offered as appraisal.
  • Health care and insurance policies – vision, dental etc. are provided from the managerial end.

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