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Notable Spam Resistant Plugins of the WordPress

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It is truly delightful when a newly launched WP site begins to draw surplus traffics. But such happiness never lasts long due to the occurrence of spams. Therefore, using the best free anti-spam plugin to secure the WordPress platform is a smart thinking.

Is your WordPress website encountering daily spam attack? No doubt that reading the below list, will provide you with a detailed information on various spam-proof WP plugins. These are as follows:

  • Akismet

It is one of the highly efficient plugins that work consistently to prevent the entry of spam messages in your WP site. The application is designed by a reputed organisation named Automattic. But to use it, you have to obtain an application programming interface code which can be availed free of cost and also be installed conveniently.

  • Clean Talk

It is basically a paid WordPress plugin which runs on the cloud technology. This is an ideal tool which site administrators will like to possess as it guarantees spam free comment in all conditions. Moreover, the plugin supports third-party plugins like the Buddy Press, Jet Pack, bbPress, W3 Total Cache, and so on.

  • Antispam Bee

This anti-spam WordPress plugin is ideal to be utilised for commercial and personal purposes. There is no need to develop an account, you only need to install the application to receive the desired outcome. The application comes with an in-built system of notification and is able to delete folders, containing spams, automatically.

  • WP Zero Spam

This plugin tool is able to block spam-based comments and registrations pretty easily. You do not have to waste time to create any tough setup process. It arrives with latest settings that eventually allow you to retain a complete command over the WP site.

  • GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin

It is a spectacular WP-based plugin that comes with a client-based checkbox where users have to confirm that they are not at all spammer. In brief, this tool provides a smart and simple alternative in comparison to maintain a captcha field. This eventually results in the prevention of the automatic spam bots to a great extent.

  • Stop Spammers

It is a high-powered spam resistant plugin that is able to conduct a thorough spam detection above 20 types. Moreover, it also blocks the entry of irrelevant messages that may generate from any part of the world. The plugin exhibits a Captcha to ensure that the genuine users never get blocked while viewing the Wordpress site.

Right now, the WordPress is an extremely popular and reliable CMS across the globe. It helps to attract traffics within a short period of time. But in the process, spams do gain an easy access into your website. Obviously, using the advanced anti-spam WordPress plugin will be quite beneficial. However, to pick up the ideal one, it is better to seek an expert assistance. We, at Cogito Software Solutions, will help you to choose the advanced WP spam-proof plugin once diagnosing the spam affected Word Press platform. To derive the required assistance, establish communication with our team as early as possible.

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