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Relevance of Oscommerce in the development of online store

Developing an e-commerce store is a very daunting task. Apart from concentrating on the business agenda, you also have to work hard on the inclusion of essential menu options, determining the ideal design pattern, and much more. In such situation, it is wise to deploy a reliable shopping cart application that can smoothly take care of such tasks. Oscommerce is one such open source cart software that has become widely popular among the site owners.

Are you facing the uphill task of running and managing an online store? Then Cogito will offer you the essential support and guidance to ease your job. We will help you to utilise the features of Oscommerce platform. These mainly include:


General Functionality

The specialised Cogito team will offer all sorts of assistance and resources so that your commercial website becomes quite compatible with every version of PHP4. At the same time, we will ensure that your platform comprises of object based backend with multilingual support.


Backend Functionality/ Administration

We will ensure that your e-commerce store can support unlimited categories and products. It is our responsibility to see that you can smoothly perform the task of editing, adding or deleting contents like reviews, products, manufacturers etc with the support of Oscommerce cart system.



We will offer you active support when it comes to implementing the template structure with the objective of:

  • Supporting dynamic images
  • Guaranteeing smooth integration into any existing website
  • Allowing layout transformation quite fast, easy, and adaptive.

Tax Functionality

We do have the required expertise and skill in handling websites featuring Oscommerce open source shopping cart. We help in reducing your burden when it comes to:

  • Charging shipping tax on per shipping service basis
  • Setting distinct tax rates on different products
  • Flexible implementation of tax on a country and state basis.

Payment Functionality

It is our responsibility to ensure that your website is quite compatible with both online and offline payment processing. We will also see that you can easily deactivate certain payment processes on a zonal basis.


Customer Functionality

As a part of this service, we will provide you useful support to ensure:

  • Customers are able to manage their accounts
  • Availability of address book to record multiple billing and shipping addresses
  • Every order is properly stored into the database with efficient and retrieval scope
  • Exhibiting previous orders of the consumers with their current product orders
  • SSL secured transaction benefit and many more



Shipping Functionality

We will make sure that your site can accomplish the goal of destination shipping modules with proper price and weight. We will also see that you can easily extend the benefit of accessing real time shipping quotes to the customers.


Product Functionality

With our continuous support and training, you can easily enjoy a competitive advantage on certain activities like:

  • HTML product descriptions
  • Dynamic relationship of product attributes
  • Helping customers in receiving newsletters/emails on related products
  • Automatic display of special products