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The Client

Rainford Precision is involved in selling different types of precision engineering equipment and drilling machines of the highest standard. All such instruments have good demand in different industrial activities. Cogito has developed the website this company with latest tools to deliver convenience to the customers and users at the time of browsing to come across vital information. The specialised SEO professionals and web designers of Cogito Software Solutions are always prepared to provide a smart solution to every problem.

The challenges & Solutions

The responsive website of Rainford Precision has been created on Headway theme of WordPress. The responsive design of the site makes it quite user-friendly for all the customers. A buyer, unable to find out exactly what he wants can enter specific details about the drill he wants or the nature of the material he wants to drill. The element required by him will be shipped to his house. The use of technologies include – Joomla, CSS 3 and HTML 5.


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