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Premium Google My Business Features - Will Start-Ups benefit!

Home Premium Google My Business Features - Will Start-Ups benefit!


Google My Business is a free tool from Google. It aims to help start-ups, medium and also large business owners manage their online presence across search engines.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become so widespread that 26% of the world demographics go online almost constantly. No matter what, if any question pops up in our mind, we try to find answers through the web by entering the name of the shop, or the products, services of our requirement. If you are seeking local exposure listing your business on GMB will give you effective results. 

What type of Business Owners can benefit from Google My Business?

Startups those who have a store or service area businesses, GMB is best for them. The prime function of Google My Business is to build contacts between the service provider with the customers.

Google makes it very clear, that to list your business in GMB you must be able to operate face to face with your customers. You must have a permanent address of your business. To clear your dilemma here is a basic outline:

  • Business with Physical Locations like Restaurants, salons, beauty parlor, shops, jewelry stores, enterprises and more can list on GMB.
  • The mobile business which includes food delivery services, handymen, cleaners, or any other business where the provider travels directly to the client’s place.
  • Individual Practitioners like real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, and doctors can list their services on GMB.

Service area businesses refer to location-specific Google searchers. Brands those who reach to their customers along with having a physical store can easily list under this category. For example, a restaurant having a physical store, providing onsite seating for customers but also delivers food to customers can avail GMB services. 

How Does GMB Benefits Business Owners

  • GMB Is the Best Way to Manage Your Business in Google
  • It Creates and Manages Your Business Listing in Google
  • Provides A Significant Impact on Your Digital Presence
  • An Easy Way to Gain the Trust of Customers

Let’s Your Customers and Clients Find Your Business Results With

  • Location in The Map
  • Pictures
  • Reviews
  • Phone Humber
  • Opening and Closing Hours
  • Star Ratings
  • Website Address

How to create GMB Listing?

Setting up the page is very simple and straight forward. Absolutely, free to setup it will require a, email id.

Here are the details to create your GMB listing:

•    Step 1: Log into the Google Account you have associated your business with. In case you do not have an account, create a Google Account.

•    Step 2: Go to google.com/business. Look at the top right-hand corner and select “Start now”.

•    Step 3: Enter your business name.


What is a recent GMB update for Start-Ups?

Google My Business may offer premium services for a monthly fee. Sean Butcher noticed the survey and alerted others through Twitter. To participate in the full survey, click here.

The survey is actually an introduction to the upcoming GMB features that a company can enjoy after enrolling for a monthly fee.

Upcoming Features Listed in the survey includes:

•    Google Customer Support

•    Verified customer reviews

•    Promoted map pin

•    Call reports and recordings

•    Verified Bookings

•    Automatic message responses

•    Automatic response for reviews

•    Google search results placement

•    Offers

•    Request Quote

•    Adding video

After you select your preferred features, GMB will create a mockup of your subscription packages. If you did not try the survey, check it out soon.

What Is The Aim Of Google My Business?

The aim of Google My Business is to help business owners set their goals.  Startups listing their business in the GMB can get more visibility and better ranking in search engine results. Maximum searches are done through keywords phrases or questions. When people looking for such services or products enter the details on the search bar, automatically they will find you on Google Search and Maps.

No matter what browsers you use, you will always receive information based on your location. Google My Business makes it easier for sharing the latest information, photos, offers, directions, opening and closing hours and more.


List of 2019 Updates that impact Local SEO


  1. Massive drops on Impressions (January 14 to 15 update): Many employees have noticed huge drops in the impressions and clicks for the URLs that use UTM codes. But the good news is that there was no impact to the rankings of listings and it was just a reporting issue.
  2. GMB provides a guideline on virtual offices (January 15, 2019): You cannot list your temporary or virtual office at a different address other than your primary location unless it has your business staff working during normal business hours.
  3. Spammers added future opening dates (January 16, 2019, Update): Quiet freaking isn’t it! On 16 January a member reported the spammy act by changing the official opening dates of the business. Google has fixed the issue that was allowing spammers to make the changes.
  4. Profile Photos is now Logo for GMB (24 January 2019): Instead of uploading your profile photo add your company logo now.
  5. Social icons are back (28th January 2019): You can now see the social icons on Local Knowledge panels.


  1. In 12th February 2019 Update: GMB witnessed two changes. A business using a GMB website, Google displays the testimonials in the snippet section, if you have good reviews.  Coming to the second update, Google adds ‘get in line’ call to action buttons for restaurants. This feature is available across all devices.
  2. A new way to report spam on GMB (27Feb, 2019): Now you can fill up a form to report about spammy messages on Google maps. Click here.


  1. New Events Feature (March 4, 2019): This feature is available only for a few users. You can directly add events to the knowledge panel.


  1. Chance to add the product catalog in the business Profile (April 4, 2019): The product editor allows merchants to showcase their products on the business profile. Geared towards small and medium businesses you can easily provide data about the products they sell.
  2. GMB Rolling short names for business (April 16, 2019): GMB is now rolling out short names. In other words, enabling businesses to create a short name and a small URL. The benefit is customers can get easy access to your profile.
  3. GMB Suspensions can cause disappearing of the reviews (Update on April 17, 2019): Suspending the GMB account, or deleting the profile can lead to the disappearance of the reviews. 
  4. POI Establishment Bug (April 29, 2019): Thousands of businesses in GMB are noticing this new category named POI establishment. Google has confirmed fixing the issue and now it appears Point of Interest. Check it in the category section – Primary category, additional categories and then Point of Interest.

What is the GMB Post Limit?

Google has recently changed the posts limit of GMB to 1500 characters equivalent to 250 words. Previously the posted limit was 100 to 300 words. Those who have already written posts with 300 words will have to edit it or post a shorter description.

The main idea of using a shorter description is to attract readers and make them understand the information very quickly. The key benefits of GMB posts are to be found in the search results and google maps.

In case you are looking forward to create your Google My Business page, or make your startup business appear in the first pages of top search engines, visit our website https://cogitosoftwares.com or call us at +91 (33) 4601 3441.



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