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Emergence of Prestashop as a reliable e-commerce platform

The arrival of open source software has brought down the cost of web development and designing to a great extent. Prestashop is one such open source platform which is becoming extremely popular among the site owners. It comprises of wide varieties of features to fulfil your every online business requirement. It is time to have a thorough discussion on these features below:


Product Management

We will help you to the best possible extent when it comes to managing the product contents of your website. In doing so, we ensure that you do not encounter problems in activities like:

  • Product comparison
  • Cross Selling
  • Zooming product images
  • Unlimited attributes and categories
  • Stock management and so on.

Live Configuration

We provide you the right insights to properly use the in-built Live Configurator option of this open source application. In this way, we will ensure that you can easily shift from one theme to another within the short period of time.



It is the responsibility of the highly skilled team of Cogito to help you to stay ahead when it comes to:

  • Tracking the purchasing behaviour and preference of the visitors
  • Viewing best selling products
  • Keep an active track of your sales and order volumes

Mobile Friendly

With proper utilisation of Prestashop open source platform, we will deploy the ideal solutions so that you can easily manage and run the admin and user interface in the mobile devices. It is due to this application, we can also provide you backend managing app with a sensitive default template that can be smoothly installed in various mobile devices.




SEO Optimised

With Prestashop we will help you to develop the most SEO friendly website in the e-commerce platform. Our professionals will also ensure that you do not encounter while implementing:

  • Meta-tag support
  • Amiable URL structure
  • Performance settings with maximum speed
  • Google Sitemaps.


Integration of Prestashop platform will automatically widen your scope of innovative marketing strategy to enhance the visibility of your website. We will just make sure that your website is able to deliver:

  • Loyalty program news
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Refer to friend request
  • Voucher and coupons
  • Automated emails on a follow-up basis

Do you want to introduce innovation and originality into your Prestashop based website? Then Cogito Software Solutions is your ideal destination. All our web developers are fully acquainted with the latest technological advancements and e-commerce business trends. We will ensure optimum use of this open source application, so that the overall task of management becomes quite simpler for you. We are always ready to accept new challenges once accepting your projects. So forward your requirements at once to sail with Cogito to explore the world of web development with cutting-edge solutions.