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Privacy Policy

We at Cogito Software Solutions Ltd, try to keep all your personal content in a preserved manner to respect your privacy concerns. As the company grows and evolve, we update the policy under different sections keeping in mind the changes in the services provided and business laws accordingly. This make sure that all of the same is applicable for both viewers and employees. Revisions are made and posted according to the changes that are witnessed with its effective date and in a place where it is visible for all. Reading the information provided below will help you in a huge extent to understand the policy of the company for a clear and better working.

While, we enjoy our international repute, COGITO believes in maintenance along with assurance for a transparent working and relationships with that of the clients.


Policy for a Perfect Team Co-ordination

Talented, knowledgeable experts and diversified work force is what the team of Cogito believes in order to make sure they reach the zenith of success. The best reflection of skills and talents are expressed when the employees of similar talents are treated with equal dignity, respect and concerns. The diverse and immensely talented work force is what the company fosters and nurtures within its working environment.




Ethical Codes and Policy

Our organisation is always directed towards following the highest standards of countability and integrity in terms of all the projects offered and worked on. The ethical behavioural code encourages similar and complete dedication of the employees, contractors and management towards the projects. Improvements and its achievements are constant concerns of the experts here, against all the works done.




Energy of Employees and Environment Policy

Here at Cogito, we ensure maintenance and following of the environment rules and regulations as laid down. The team at COGITO works collectively in order to ensure that the management of the company is done by sustainable development of the environment that has a vast impact on us. The emission rates are reduced in and out day, as much as possible. The use of alternative energy within the company is encouraged by us actively.




Policy Against Dangerious Goods

This is a complete guideline that offers a sketch of how the employees at Cogito Software Solutions Ltd work. The safety and the security is maintained for the following – transportation, storage and handling of the items that are popularly marked as “ dangerous Goods”. The safety of the community, environment and employees are provided by the experts here.




Typical content of Cogito Coockies

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3rd Party Cookies and Social Networks

If you click on a hyperlink from Cogito Software Solutions Ltd’s website to any third party websites (e.g. if you ‘share’ content from Cogito Software Solutions Ltd’s website with friends or colleagues through social networks), you may be sent cookies from these third party websites. Third party websites will have their own privacy and cookie policies which Cogito Software Solutions Ltd’s cannot control. Please check the third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.