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Track the performance before you judge with performance tracking

With a performance tracking system in London, you are able to automate your entire performance management process. With this solution, you are able to align your organizational goals with the individual goals of your staff. This system also encourages constant feedback between managers and their employees. Tracking the performance of a single employee or a group of employees was never this easy as it is now with the performance tracking system that Cogito offers.


A high-performance workforce consists of a team that is motivated, hardworking and loyal to your organization. Apart from maintaining a consistency in delivering high quality products and services, nothing holds more promise for increasing company profit than a dedicated bunch of employees.

This is the reason why it is important to invest in quality employee management system and maintain the level of motivation that your company needs.

With the performance tracking system of Cogito, you can track and judge the performance of your employees and develop the talent that is required for a more effective and profitable working relationship.

Technology Used

How was Cogito successful in building it?

We at Cogito Software Solutions believe that performance tracking is an ongoing and systematic approach that is directed at improving performance results through evidence oriented decision making. It ensures continuous organizational learning that is focused on accountability for performance.

Keep a track of what you sell and what you earn via Sales Management System

For any business to grow in its field, a strong sales management system is essential. A fully integrated Sales Management System in London from the house of experts, aids in an increase in your business revenue by turning visitors into brand loyalists and targeting the most beneficial opportunities.We have created a sales management system enabling organizations better manage their contacts, organize their sales counts and track their sales deals at the end of the month. Our sales CRM allows you to get a complete overview on the performance of your team in a day.


  • Your sales management team no longer has to depend on proactive training and coaching support.
  • The software ensures and encourages effective sales management.
  • Your team gets an access to a visual road map that makes the entire sales process extremely easy to understand.
  • You get the control of every stage of the life cycle of your sales. You are in total control whether it is about tracking new sales opportunities or monitoring performance.
  • A comprehensive range of sales activities can be met effectively with the help of our sales management software.

Technology Used

Meeting business goals with Sales Management System

  • Tracking your sales leads
  • Putting an end to all confusion that results from cluttered information and data on sales and sales reports
  • Enhancing the accountability of your sales team
  • Keeping your sales team updated with the most refined and latest data and figures
  • Automating your entire sales team with excellent and flexible functionality
  • Helping your sales team come up with the best sales strategy in the most efficient way

With our integrated sales management software, therefore you can help your sales team manage the opportunities that come their way and thereby allow them to focus on building and maintaining lasting consumer relationships.

Employ Human Resources Practically with HRM System

Human Resource Management System in London is an affordable, customizable and robust software system complemented by an easy to use interface.It is an effective management software that can be an answer to all human resource management queries. This software not only supports small and medium tier companies but it also provides a basic solution for day to day human resource management for large enterprises.


  • Simplifying the total HR Processes
  • User friendly
  • Automation to a maximum extent
  • Highly Customized
  • Better planning
  • Acts as a catalyst to increase employee productivity
  • Easier decision making
  • Cost effectiveness Schedule Reporting
  • Email alerts
  • Embedded database

Technology Used

Human Resource Management System as whole

The Human Resource Management (HRM) system built by Cogito Software Solutions allows management of your company by giving them control, intelligence, speed and the power to automate. Thus, the system provides them the capability to maximize the productivity and performance out of your work force.It is highly compatible with fingerprint devices and face recognition devices.

  • It is available for multiple companies
  • It supports multiple language
  • Multiple users have accessed at a time

Calculate leaves and holidays with Employee leave management system

Employee Management Leave System is a strongly build intranet used to manage the employees leaves and holidays of an organization.Management employee leaves is a necessity for keeping a track on the hours that a particular employee worked. One of the main features in employee leave management system is time tracking for employees. Effective time tracking mechanism along with the number of leaves taken saves both time and money for the organization.


  • One can apply for leaves prior to the particular day.
  • The management can provide access to the fixed number of casual leaves, paid leaves, restricted holidays and medical leaves taken by an employee.
  • Customized time bound reports can be generated. It is a highly-secured system. The management has the permission to restrict IP to prohibit the illegal usage.
  • Once a leave is applied it depends on the management to approve or reject thus keeping a complete track on it.

Technology Used

How cogito was successful in its way?

At Cogito Software Solutions,we help you improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your efficient team. We know that a good leaves management software helps you to drive a complete report on the number of leaves taken and the reason behind each of them. There are a number of other factors that is – a calendar that maintains leaves and also portrays the number of holidays that an employee is planning to take or actually takes in whole working year. The system also maintains a record of leaves that are pending along with that of the leaves that are already taken by a single employee.

Ensure healthy working space with Employee management system

Employee Management System (EMS) is a strongly build intranet used to manage the employees of the organization within the organization.Management of the employees is determinant to the company as their contribution often decides the value of the business. One of the main features in employee management system is time tracking for employees. Effective time tracking mechanism saves both time and money for the organization.


  • Log in and log out time of employees can be tracked.
  • The management can provide access to the project management system to a particular employee. A schedule of tasks can be created.
  • Webmail can be accessed through EMS. It acts as a discussion board just like any other social media but only restricted within the organization. Any news, views and comments can be expressed or discussed or shared by the person whom access is given.
  • Customized time bound reports can be generated. It is a highly-secured system. The management has the permission to restrict IP to prohibit the illegal usage.

Technology Used


  • Employees within the organization will chat with each other.
  • Voice chat application will be incorporated
  • Instant message services will be added
  • Managing the shift timing
  • Involving usage of WI Fi

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