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Application Overview

The TMS or Time Sheet Management is used for filling up the entire work that has been done in a day, week or month. Time Sheet Management and Project Management System are interrelated with each other.

Features of the System

  • Manage The Employee Work Done in a Time.
  • Work detail and time fill up system.


Types of User
who can use the System

  • Admin
  • Users




In Manage Time Sheet sub-menu, an employee types the details of how many hours the employee has spent in the office in a single day. Along with hours, list of work, the employee has done in the single day is also recorded here. The monthly work duty of hours and work is automatically recorded.



Everyday an employee records his daily duty and hours by clicking on the Add Time Sheet button. Time From PMS is a record keeping place which is interlinked with PMS or Project Management System. Whenever the employee fills the information in PMS, it will be directly shown in Add Time Sheet.


Manage Report

The Manage Report option has given the authority power to check how many hours the employee has worked in the office in a single day and the complete work list of the employee for that particular day. In the ‘Select Report Type’ option, the administrator can check the work of an employee by using PMS or Combine option and giving the Date option.

Manage Users

The Manage Users menu is designated to show which employee of the company can see which of these pages.

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