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Application Overview

Assigning the monthly work to each employee is accomplished by Project Management System or PMS. In each month, all the name of the projects that is done by an employee is written in PMS or Project Management System.

Types of User
who can use the System

  • Admin
  • Users




There is an Admin Icon in the right side of the dashboard screen. By clicking the icon, various types of menu can be seen.



Project overview and activity can be seen in Dashboard. On the right side of the screen, all the project names can be seen. Then name of the person who has assigned the project and it is assigned to whom can also be seen.


Project Snapshot

The Admin can check a complete list of work in the Project Snapshot page. Pending Work Order No., Active Work Order No., Due Work Order No,; of all the projects can be seen by the Admin. By using the Project Snapshot page.

Manage Company

Through Manage Company, all the clients who are doing business with a company, their names can be seen.

Manage User

The Manage User page is controlled by the Admin to give page-accessing-permission to an user. User Name, Password, Company and Status are the titles in the page for describing everything in detail.

Set Role Icon

The Admin click the SetRole icon in the page for giving permission to the user. Name, User Code, Company Name, User Group all are written there.

Manage Project

The Manage Project shows which employee is assigned which work order. The code of the project, Name of the project, The Date it is created, The Work Order all can be seen in the page.

Work Order

The Work Order Icon can show in detail about each project. Code, Title and Category of the project. Start and End Date of the project. Status of the project and to whom the project is assigned. New work order can also be created here.

Achieve Project

All the projects that are dedicated to Cogito Software Solutions Ltd can be seen here. It is divided into Normal, Hold and Archive divisions.
All these projects listed here, have three titles. Code, Name and Category Name.


This page is divided into three parts and these are Login Report, Project Report and Configuration Scheduler Report.

Login Report

Login Report has three divisions.

Select User

The Admin or the permitted person has to select an User here.

Date Type

The Admin has to select a date here. After clicking the submit button, the Admin can see on a particular date, the complete work list of the employee.

Project Report

It has three divisions and these are Select Project, Work Order Status and Work Order. After choosing the correct options in these three options and clicking the Submit button can tell the Admin about the Start and End date of a project as well as to whom the project is assigned.

Configuration Scheduler Report

The Configuration Scheduler Report is used by the Admin to view the emails that are sent with documents of work. It can be seen daily, weekly or monthly. New Admin. can also be created here.

Work Order

Work Order means the list of work that is assigned to an employee by the Admin. It has several titles like Code, Title, Category, Assigned To, Start and End Date and Status of the Project. Add the Work Order is an icon for creating new work order.


The list of works assigned by a client that is under the work order of a project. Each employee has to follow the To-Dos for accomplishing the monthly work.


Time and To-Do are related with each other. After selecting a To-Do, the complete time that is assigned to do the work is selected in Time.


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