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Application Overview

LMS is the abbreviation of Leave Management System. This sub-module is directly linked with the HR of Cogito Software Solutions Ltd. Whenever any employee seeks leave from the company, he or she should apply about the leave in LMS. The HR has the authority to grant or deny permission of the leave by opening the LMS link.

Features of the System

  • Manage The Leave Detail of Employees
  • Linked with HR of Cogito Software Solutions Ltd.
  • HR authorised for viewing LMS


Types of User
who can use the System

  • Admin
  • Users (HR)




The sub-menu Manage Leave is divided into several sub-categories. These are



Dashboard shows the list of employees who are entitled to get the leave facilities under Cogito Software Solutions Ltd.

  • 1. Dashboard.
  • 2. Employee Dashboard.


Approve Leave

The Approve Leave option is for the Reporting Boss who has the authority of approving or disapproving a leave application.

Financial Year

Records the financial year for which a person is applying for the leaves. He records are stored under the sub menu head Financial Year

View Leave

How many leaves an employee has in a year, has its record in View Leave option.
Manage Holidays- The complete list of holidays in a year can be seen in Manage Holidays.

Manage User

The Manage User option gives the user authority to permit or deny leaves.

Set Role

Set Role is the menu option that gives the user permission for viewing a page.

Set Leave Approver

Set Leave Approver shows the name of Administrative designates who can approve or deny a leave


Calendar will show the personal leave application of an employee along with the holidays in a year declared by the office. The personal leave application means from which date to which date an employee has applied for a leave with his designation, department and HR has permitted the leave or not, all will be shown here. The declared holiday will also shown in Calendar menu option.


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