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Prominent IoT Security Issues to Be Discussed

Home Prominent IoT Security Issues to Be Discussed

The internet of things is gradually emerging as a reliable alternative to gather and share information by using various sensor connected products. However, it also poses some challenges related to security that has to be addressed. These mainly include points like:

  • Inadequate Updates

At present, the IoT device production accounts to above 23 billion. No doubt that the figure will subsequently rise up beyond 60 billion in the year 2025. But until now, many tech organisations are not offering enough update options which may prove detrimental in the long-term. Hence, developers must emphasis on providing surplus update options to the users as early as possible to raise the popularity of the IoT-based devices.

  • Pre-Installed Passwords

Manufacturers hardly refrain from the practice of selling IoT gadgets that arrive with feeble and readable passwords and username. Such a negligence actually raises the possibility of hacking and encryption decoding of your invaluable data. It has already become an established fact with the success of the Mirai botnet to easily detect and infect IoT controlled devices having default passwords and usernames. 

  • Early Prediction

This is one of the major IoT issues that is pretty hard to ignore with the growing technological advancement. Although it is necessary to concentrate on the security measure to detect and solve problems but such an approach must also have to focus on predicting the upcoming safety threat as early as possible. It must also include utilising analytics and monitoring tools to visualise the upcoming problems on a real-time basis.

  • Communication Security

This is another serious drawback which technology companies have to address without further delay. It is really disturbing when the network communication between the apps and devices is totally vulnerable. The only way to fix the issue by segregating the networks which will ultimately isolate the various devices to establish a private and secured communication at the time of data transfer.

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