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Relevance of Mobile Apps in Business Expansion and Promotion

Home Relevance of Mobile Apps in Business Expansion and Promotion


The introduction of smartphones has widened the scope of business promotion and expansion in a big way among the entrepreneurs. The rapid growth of mobile users has provided them the bright opportunity to instantly reach before a large target audience base with the support of cutting-edge solutions.

1.      Accelerated Mobile Pages

These pages constitute the vital and integral element of Google’s AMP project. It was launched to improve the mobile search experience of the users through introducing website pages that comprise of AMP coding. It plays a major role in augmenting the conversion rate of various businesses.

2.      Stringent Security

According to the Gartner’s report, around 75% of the mobile apps completely fail to pass the security test due to certain drawbacks. Hackers always try to exploit such security lapse to steal your vital information. It is better to avail the latest security updates of Google to preserve vital information safely inside the mobiles.

3.      Wearable apps and IoT

Majority of the enterprises are spending money on reaping the benefits of internet of things and different wearable applications to boost their businesses. Both of these will play a vital role in the coming years to ensure a large customer base of your organisation.  

4.      Push Notifications

Keeping an active pace with the changing time, users always emphasise on adopting a time-saving way through push notifications to read and respond to various messages with just single a finger tap.

5.      Cloud integration

According to Cisco, cloud based apps will generate an impressive mobile traffic data of around 90% in the year of 2019. Keeping this fact into consideration, many companies are introducing powerful mobile apps that are capable of extracting data from cloud without occupying much space into the internal memory.

6.      Dominance of enterprise and micro apps

Enterprise apps will provide valuable support to streamline, restructure, and manage the essential business processes. On the other hand, micro apps usually perform different targeted operations. Both these apps have generated much response among the entrepreneurs and will continue to survive on a long term basis.

7.      Big Data 

It helps in identifying the potential customers as well as to understand their mood and preference. It enables businessmen to take the right decisions to enjoy a commanding position in the market. In the upcoming periods, the sole focus of every enterprise will be improving the functions of large data apps.

8.      Emergence of M- commerce

People are now exhibiting growing interest towards popular online payment applications like Google Wallet and Apple instead of acquiring plastic coin. This has ultimately raised the demand of mobile friendly websites featuring such payment apps to ensure larger customer participation throughout the year.

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