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Search Engine Optimization updates that can give you better results in 2019

Home Search Engine Optimization updates that can give you better results in 2019

What is the buzz about opening an online marketing business? Is it a smart revenue generating medium? E-commerce stores and entrepreneur business through a website is not new. But the upcoming trends and fast conversions are making more and more people invest in online business. Marketing has been always a part of business, and a Digital Marketing Agency knows the right tricks to drive traffic and sales.

Since opening an online business is easy and can be started with a minimum budget, people are taking an interest in it. Certainly, we can see a smooth growth in Digital marketing.

Few Must Follow Tricks to Boost Website Ranking

1.    Voice Search: Voice Search, usually enables users to speak into a device. No matter what the fact of voice search is, speaking into the phone or assistants are extremely exciting. You are free from making typing mistakes. All you need to do is ask your queries. The devices will search the results and bring the best in front of you.

According to research, 25% of the searches on android are voice searches. Voice searches are fast becoming mainstream and as an e-commerce owner, you cannot one side it. Virtual assistants like the Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa are extremely popular nowadays.

Elements A Website Must Have to Rank First in Voice Search

•    A properly designed FAQ page: A proper FAQ page can help you get effective results when it comes to voice search. Try to balance between long and short content. Google approves short and simpler answers. Make your responses around 30 words for perfect results.

•    Queries that we make in real life: It is natural that there is a difference between the regular search and voice search. Voice search is basically in the form of questions. For example, we can ask: “OK Google, what is the weather of Seattle”? “What is the best middle eastern restaurant near me?” Most of the questions on Google are in natural language. Therefore, try to make the keywords short and questionable.

•    Pay attention to Local search: Most voice search is based on local searches. For example: A gift shop near me, takeaway near me, a Famous shoe store near me. Therefore, enable the local extension of your address phone number and direction to reach your shop. Insert local ads in google map to increase visibility.

•    Pay attention to page loading speed: An important aspect. People may leave your website and increase the bounce rate. If your website takes more than 5 secs to open, take the help of GT metrics to take care of solve the page speed issue. Though fixing the page loading speed is not an easy task. Ask an expert to take care of it.

2.    Adding schema has become important: People love to work with companies that have maximum reviews and star ratings. A normal HTML code tells the search engine about the existence of an image, what function it is for, and the name of the image. But schema markup tells the search engine that this is an image, it is about digital marketing, and its URL is “/digital-marketing-agency-uk.jpg”.

Search Engine always loves structured data and surely websites with schema markup get ranked in the top pages on Google.

What is Schema?

Schema is structured data or code used in a website to help the customers understand its importance. Even website owners are finding it as a potential key factor for the visibility of their website.

In fact, schema helps in telling search engines about the page contents and in turn rating it. It also helps in improving the page visibility in SERPs.

In short, if your business is about services like real estate, roofing, coffee parlor or any other, the schema will clarify what your business is exactly about.

Facing difficulty in optimizing your website? Contact Cogito Software Solutions for the recent trends.  Like our clients, we will surely help you add schema markup in your website and also implement other necessary changes for fast ranking and profits.

3.    Pay attention to Organic Link Building

Wondering what is the organic link building trend? In short, it is about getting other websites to link back to your business website. According to Google, website must post contents to inform the customers about their services.

Since a website acts as a virtual store and there are no executives to explain the advantages of purchasing your products and its features. The only way they can educate themselves is through informative blogs.

Moreover, you must not keep posting articles and blogs on your own website. A good amount of content on different subjects must be submitted on other high-ranking blog sites.

Things to remember when it comes to organic Link building:

•    Good Quality Unique Content Is A Must: Good quality content is prepared by content writers. Their writer properly studies the keywords and subjects on which they are writing. This is why blogs, articles, landing pages, press releases, social media contents, are unique and are not plagiarized.

•    Do Not Participate in Unethical Link Building Tasks: When you want a website to come in the 1st pages in Google, the best way is to avoid purchasing a bulk amount of links. Avoid using automated link building tools.

Few extra Link Building tips:

•    Know your Target Audience

•    Make a list of the sites that those particular audience visits

•    Construct amazing, informative blogs, informatics, and videos

•    Reach out to the customers through email marketing and text messages

•    Take the help of social media for more visibility

•    Give proper care to keyword selection (Use Longtail, LSI keywords)

•    Make the URL short to avoid broken links

ROI via digital marketing gives organic results and brings conversions easily. Since Digital Marketing is for all types of small medium and large businesses, owners with a tight budget can easily get profits with time.

Have you ever encountered promotion through Instagram or Facebook?

Research has shown 35% of sales are results of Facebook and Instagram Videos. Timely posts on social Media attract customers and bring engagement. On the other hand, the small texts are really easy to read, and gradually people will start taking interest in your products.

Why Choose Us?

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we have the right strategies to help you in optimizing your website. Experience makes us perform better and we pay attention the each and every small to big aspects of optimizing your website.

·        Knowledgeable and experienced team: Our Digital Marketing Team is specialized in the recent Google Updates. In fact, they have years of experience which motivates them to walk on the correct path and drive in business growth, user engagement and revenue.

·        Design Focused Work: We believe a thoughtful and beautiful design will always increase the visitors. All the websites designed by us are simple yet attractive. Moreover, we pay particular attention to proper web development. Not only that, technical SEO and on page SEO is properly implemented by our developers.

·        Timely Interaction with clients: Our team keeps interacting with the client every week updating them on the improvements. The weekly report clears out the tasks performed by the employees. In fact, as a client, you can interact with them through Skype calls.

·        Affordable Rates: The most important aspect, clients love to work with us. No matter how much creative you are clients will always work with agencies who offer competitive rates. Therefore, we make sure that clients get the best rates when they come to us for any tasks.

Being a Web Design, Development, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development, API Integration, Lead generating and Digital Marketing Agency, we are particular in performing proper market analysis before taking any decision. Valuable teamwork helps us to deliver the project on time. Moreover, our rates are affordable. We have 70% customer retention and more than 50% of our clients are working with us for more than 3 years. Call us at +44 208 1506688 for a free quote on the service of your requirement.

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