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Top 3 Goals of SEO: Set Realistic Goals for Your Small Business

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It is true for everyone who practices Search Engine Optimization (SEO), agrees with the fact that SEO has a dizzying number of results. Site owners often optimize their sites to get ranking for a specific phrase, which makes it easy to get customers’ attention. Here in this article, we are going to shed light on various SEO applications and choosing the right SEO goals for your small business.

First goal: Raw traffic

What generates direct traffic is site optimization for search engines as well as producing keyword-rich contents. This also broadens the scope of content sharing, link referring to more people. A large number of sites are present on the internet, which capitalize on this direct traffic for serving to advertise.

1.    When to use it

Make use of it at the time when you are able to monetize direct traffic without any financial transactions.

2.    Keyword targeting

Focus on creating a large number of quality contents that mainly trigger searched-for phrases. Also make sure that the contents are of great quality optimized with high volume keywords.  

3.    Content creation or optimization

Use on-page optimization like titles, internal linking, and headlines while making all of your articles easily shareable as well as optimized that is ideal for spreading. You also need to implement architectural practices while using detailed category as well as sub-category structures in order to make most of it.

Second goal: E-commerce sale

Driving traffic to any e-commerce website can only be obtained from boosting sales. On the internet, the highest quality is search traffic. This is because of the specific goal expressed by a search user with their query. If that matches any product sold by the store, then only the rate of conversion gets high.

1.    When to use it

You are recommended to use this when there are products available on your site.

2.    Keyword targeting

Analysing the effectiveness of the ROI of targeting keywords can be done by pay-per-click strategy. Search for those having traffic, then convert, and pursue. If the query is specific, the chance of having your products sold will be higher.

3.    Content creation or optimization

Link building is needed alongside having internal optimization in order to get high ranking for high-value, competitive keywords, which drive conversion-oriented traffic. A viable option is link building (manual). However, scalable strategies, leveraging customers or a group of people are also of great use.

Third goal: Branding

 SEO is a great example of being applied to serve branding purpose. Many bloggers, content producers, news outlets etc have realised the importance of being appeared on the top of the search results, which in turn, will bolster your brand reputation as well as authority.

1.    When to use it

 If your focus is more on driving the attention of the market than pulling direct traffic, then you should use this. When it comes to social communities, or any companies/blogs, which are looking for acquisition as well as the participation of new members, it is very frequent.  

2.    Keyword targeting

Use keywords that are more likely to earn you the traffic in your area of interest and also do not forget your brand or website.  

3.    Content creation or optimization

Firstly, you need to create a site that is accessible using a well-structured link and following the best practices. Also emphasize links especially for the influential domain.

Before you proceed with the implementation of long-term SEO, you ought to think about the best strategy that may have a huge effect on the goals that you want to set. So think carefully and proceed.

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