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Importance of Silverlight in delivering outstanding user experiences

Web developers always have to spend a lot of time and energy to enhance the overall appeal of a website through adding more colours or graphics with surplus functionalities. With the arrival of Silverlight tool, such task has become comparatively easier and time saving. This new Microsoft tool is basically a top-class application framework which is created with the objective of running and creating rich internet application. It helps you to avail immersive mobile applications, unique business applications, and rich media experiences.


IIS Smooth Streaming

With the support of such application, you can easily perform the task of adaptive streaming of the on-demand or live media through the standard protocols of HTTP. We will help you to conveniently deliver a quality rich viewing experience to the global users irrespective of their computer capabilities and connection with the help of this application framework.


Latest Controls

This application comprises of fully customisable and skinnable unique control options. We help offer you dedicated support and resources in handling these innovative control options to gain an upper hand while writing files or in running navigated page applications of innumerable varieties.




Extensibility of Media Format

Silverlight is capable of supporting varieties of third party codecs due to the inclusion of unique audio visual feature. No matter whether you want to decode any video or audio clip, just assign us the responsibility at once. We will provide the extended format support beyond the existing native codecs.




Pivot Viewer

We will ensure that you can properly utilise this feature to smoothly interact with the vast data amount in a jovial manner in the web platform. We will help you to instantly visualise related items around 1000 to understand the hidden patterns or trends once looking at any specific item.


Styling and Skinning

We will help you to customise the appearance of a scrollbar and other images with the support of tool of Silverlight. We are very much adept in handling XAML templates to help you to easily transform the layout of a control option without rewriting the code.


Sketch Flow

We will enable you to gain speed and accuracy when it comes to demonstrating the vision of any project in a realistic way. For this, we mainly use the sketch flow feature of this Microsoft tool to help you in creating flesh and blood prototypes as per the ideas and concepts of the customers.

Do you want to add unique media experiences with dynamic internet applications? Then contact us at once. We will help you to avail the latest version of Silverlight tool to enhance the visual appeal of your website. The specialised Cogito team will emphasise on your priorities and requirements to deliver the result-oriented solutions of the highest grade. Whether you are encountering problems in coding or adding functionality to any website, just assign us the responsibility. We are determined to offer you the most reliable and time saving service as per the prescribed industrial guidelines. To know more, visit Cogito website at once.