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Some Important Artificial Intelligence Facts to Remember

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The concept of artificial intelligence is steadily generating a good response among people. Such an overwhelming reaction is simply due to the progress of the modern technology. No doubt that you will definitely like to read some interesting facts about this technology. These mainly include points like:

  • Origin

Initially, people used to believe that the origin of this concept had begun with the arrival of the modern age. But in reality, the emergence of such an advanced concept dates back to the ancient Greek civilisation. This is very much evident from certain literary works on the Greek mythology that clearly highlight a golden robotic figure named Hephaestus.

  • Role of Alan Turing

The first serious study regarding the artificial intelligence was actually conducted by Alan Turing in the year of 1950. He had actually published a research journal to understand the ability of a machine to compete with the human intelligence. This has resulted in the introduction of Turing test that tends to assess the efficiency of this technology.

  • Actual Research Date

The term’ artificial intelligence’ was first used in a Dartmouth seminar in the year of 1956. It was also decided in that conference to include this term in the academic study course. The sole motive behind such inclusion was to encourage the students to explore the benefits of this smart technology in the coming days.

  • Natural Language

The primary objective of this smart technology is to make sure that machines like a computer are able to understand the human language clearly. This has given rise to the necessity of processing the natural human language in a best possible manner. It will surely be a turning point in the future of the artificial intelligence in the coming days.

  • Growing Polarization

Till now, no other technology has erupted vehement discussions and debates like that of the artificial intelligence. On one hand, many corporate establishments want to use this technology for different commercial purposes. Whereas on the other hand, eminent personalities like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkins are highlighting the disastrous consequence of this technology. 

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