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SQL Server

How SQL Server plays a prominent role in database management

Many organisations are exhibiting immense interest on availing top-notch platforms to ensure proper data and project management under a single umbrella roof. The introduction of Microsoft SQL Server has simplified the task of database creation and maintenance to a great extent. It comprises of varieties of interesting features to offer you a top-edge in the field of outstanding data management ability.


Enhanced Auditing Scope

The feature of auditing is now ingrained with every SQL Server edition. We, at Cogito Software Solutions, will offer you vital support in defining the specifications of custom audit while writing personalise events in the audit log. We will also help you to utilise the latest filtering features that provide surplus flexibility in the choice of events to be enlisted in such log.




Simplified Management

When it comes to efficient and proper data management, we will help you to achieve tremendous success with the support of the in-built features of SQL Server. We will make sure that you can conveniently migrate or access data or documents on various on premises cloud platforms.




Big Data Integration

We will help you to occupy a prominent space in the task of big data management. No matter whether you are having a small or large enterprise, we will help you to streamline data of distinct sizes and shapes to meet your business requirements.


Restrict Sensitive Data Exposure

The experienced Cogito team will offer you steady assistance to utilise this feature. Through such initiative we will ensure proper concealment of sensitive information in the public domain. In this way, we will help you to restrict the exhibition of vital business documents in the public platform.




High Speed

In every business, time is a vital factor which can play a big role in building your reputation before a large customer base. Using the server of SQL, we will ensure that you can instantly retrieve vast data from any platform without compromising privacy.


Columnstore Indexes

We will ensure that you can easily reap the dividends of such outstanding SQL Server feature. Our specialised team is quite adept in utilising such read only indexed design along with the active collaboration of data warehouse queries. In this way, we will ensure that all your vital data is properly grouped and preserved in a compressed, flat column index to reduce memory utilisation in large queries.

Is your business encountering the problem of database management? Then we recommend you to immediately integrate the update version of SQL Server into your IT infrastructure. In case of any problem with such integration, contact us at once. We are always prepared to offer you the best solutions in the industry. Depending on your business requirements, we will deploy the ideal remedial solutions to improve your database management track record. Our team will provide you solid online support to ease your task of coding and billing. For more information, talk to Cogito experts at once. We will be waiting for your requests to successfully meet your basic expectations within the strict deadline.