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Tips on Getting Your Tree Service Business Ranked #1 on Google

Home Tips on Getting Your Tree Service Business Ranked #1 on Google

Want to see your teeny-tiny tree service continue to grow so that it gets ranked #1 on Google? We guess you are wondering, what if it was a dream only. Good news is here! Getting #1 ranked on Google is albeit not easy, but doing it right, you can simply turn your business-bud into life.

You want to do some homework before setting up feasible marketing solutions

Before you get the ball rolling, it is a must to have an actionable thought process in mind. Here are two factors to take into consideration:

Buyer persona

Figure out who your customers are. Understanding the buyer persona is something you cannot afford to miss out if you want success in your tree service business. It would help you make informed decisions.      


Knowing your contenders is the key. It would help you better understand your strength and weakness, alongside your place in the contemporary market.  

Now it is time to talk about how your tree service business website will get on the first page on Google

1.Local keyword

Adding the right keyword on your tree service website makes you win half the battle. It is not just that you focus only on high ranked keywords, at the same time; it is also important to harness LSI keywords (phrases that add a boost to your website in terms of visibility in search engine results).

2.A responsive (mobile-optimized) website

When it comes to driving more search engine traffic, mobile devices outfox computers. Developing a website tight is mobile-optimized, is worth your while, making more traffic come your way.

3.Customer reviews

Your tree service business needs valuable customer reviews, making your website earn more leads and search engine traffic. Getting reviews is not enough. You cannot rule out the power of displaying good customer reviews and testimonials on the site that make your potential customers have an insight into what your existing customers say about your services and gain confidence in your services. Hopefully, it is good for your SEO campaign.

It is also a good idea to have a proactive strategy to manage and source Google reviews as well as Facebook reviews.

4.Quality content goes a long way

Content marketing is very important to get your tree service website ranked first. The content on your website as well as the blog section should be of high quality and informative. Create contents based on what readers are looking for and make them as interesting and engaging as they should be. Because the longer readers read the content, the greater is the chance for your site to get the edge.

5.Email marketing increases sales volume of your tree business

Email marketing is what that helps your business to get in front of your prospective buyers’ doors. You and your team have got to do some hard work here. Collect your prospective customers’ up-to-date email addresses to send them personalized emails, giving them an insight into your services, offers or discounts.

6.Develop a mobile application

Developing a mobile application is another important aspect to focus on. Mobile applications help your business make a strong bond with consumers while fostering trust and loyalty. Businesses, irrespective of their sizes are emphasizing mobile application development in order to get ahead of the curve. Mobile applications are loaded with features that attract customers on a larger scale, making your brand being found and recognized over your competitors.

Getting ranked #1 on Google is as challenging as climbing a mountain. However, it is only a matter of time to master the skills of SEO and Voila! You will be all set for your journey to set off and add wings to your dreams of growing your tree business.

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