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Web & Application UIUX Design

Importance of adopting unique web and application UI/UX design

The industry of UI and web design is rapidly progressing due to the arrival of cutting-edge solutions. In such situation, you have to become thoroughly acquainted with such new trends to achieve maximum online visibility in various platforms. It will also help you to stay ahead in the business because a newly designed website always enjoys the highest level of attention from the online viewers.

Do you want to improve the overall design of your existing or newly built website? Then contact the professionals of Cogito at once. The UX/UI designers of our company are very much adept to the recent trends to meet all your requirements within the fixed deadline. These mainly include:


Responsive Design

We will help you in acquiring website featuring responsive design. As a result, this will not only help you to save money but also enable you to come across the vast customer base. No matter whether your business is small, large or medium, our professionals will help you to gain the ideal responsive website which is simultaneously compatible in platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.


Easy Content Scrolling

We will ensure that your target audience do not become bore while scrolling the contents of your website. For this reason, we will help you to implement the technique of long scroll and longform content on devices featuring larger as well as smaller screens. It will enable your targeted viewers to smoothly scan the vast content volume without experiencing any interruption.




Animated Buttons of Call to Action

We will help you to use such buttons effectively through providing simple animated graphics. It will create a positive impact on the mind of the visitors to explore every nook and corner of your website. We will design the ideal animated graphics so as to enhance the urge of the viewers to visit your website frequently.




Vivid Colours and Gradient

We will help you to explore and select the appropriate colour combination and gradient to transform the overall appearance of your website. We will provide you valuable guidance in choosing the right colours so that it perfectly matches with the brand so as to ensure frequent visit by the users.



We are capable of delivering a sense of character and personalisation through bespoke illustrations. For building a close relationship and meaningful connection with customers, we will help your website to gain a sophisticated and sharp look of the highest standards.


Grid UIs and Cards

We will help you to use these tools properly so that the website of your company can become easily accessible and smoothly works in mobile, desktop, and tablet. Through using grids and cards, we will help in organising vast contents in a manageable and searchable way.




Full Screen Immersive Video

Picture always helps to spell out lot of words without any text. Keeping this trend into consideration, we will help you in choosing the right background video images that will help consumers to become closely attached with your products.

For improving the business curve, it is essential to introduce innovation and intuitiveness into your web UI/UX design. We at Cogito Software Solutions are always ready to help you in providing adequate insight in this regard. Just get in touch with our experts at once for all your web design needs.