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What Are the SEO Tools That You Should Be Using Every Day?

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Whenever you look forward to ending up a work easily and smoothly you must rely on the best appliances. Similarly, when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a professional Search Engine Marketing agency must rely on SEO Tools.

To beat your competitors, you must know what kind of strategies they follow, the best keywords, what kind of questions are the people looking for and many other important factors. SEO Tools at your fingerprints will enable you to get quick solutions and put up a hard fight with your business rivals.

You can easily find new opportunities, save time, keep track of the latest Google Updates which in turn, will help you to boost your SEO results. An SEO Expert must be aware of the essential SEO tools to make a difficult situation easy.

As MOZ remarks, “An important aspect of SEO is making the website more accessible for both users and search engine robots.” SEO is often daunting due to the frequent Google Algorithm updates, and high keyword search volumes.

In the last few years, SEO has evolved like a fast-rising technique, hence, if you want a website to make its space in the 1st page of Google, you must work faster and smarter.

Here are the best easy-to-use tools, that you can implement for improving your website rankings:

  1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the most popular tool, where you can easily measure the visitors.  It is a free analytics tool which notes the activities performed on a website. If you have not yet installed a Google Analytics in your website surely set it up now!
  2. Google search console and Webmasters tool: Google search Console is a conglomeration of several SEO Tools. It helps marketers to check the visitor metrics, check website errors, verify website indexing, broken pages and much more. Formerly known as webmasters tool, you can also get a direct message regarding issues like malware attack, bad linking and other technical issues. Surely, a great tool to detect problems that might hurt a site’s rankings
  3. Google Keyword Planner: Google Adwords Keyword Planner is another very important tool that SEO Specialists must use. Before starting any campaign, a marketer needs to find the best set of keywords. Through this tool, you can easily drill into the specific locations, find competition in that particular geographical area, search volumes and more. Despite other keywords tool available on the internet, Google Keyword Planner remains indispensable among SEO marketers.
  4. Schema Creator: Voice Search is the current obsession. Therefore, you can easily boost your SEO results through Schema Markup. Adding this to your website is like making a virtual business card. Schema rates your business and helps you to rank better for all types of content.
  5. Copyscape: Google is against copied and plagiarized content. Copyscape is a premium tool that helps marketers to detect fresh and copied content. Through Copyscape, you can make sure that your article has quality content and not stolen from other companies.
  6. Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is a free plugin that comes with WordPress. As WordPress is an SEO Friendly site, you can check the readability of your content through Yoast. This is not a tool but a plugin that analyze the ratio of the keywords, also helps you to place meta title and description and much more.

What are the Skills Required For SEO?

Since there is no particular background for SEO professionals, it is very complicated to get a specific idea of the skills. Every person cannot be a dedicated programmer and a social media lover. But in the case of SEO Marketing, you need to have proper knowledge about Google updates, must be motivating, a skilful programmer and a patient social media lover in every space of your decision making.

Here are a few skills that every SEO Profession require to be successful:

  • Must have an analytical mind: A SEO professional must understand the problem from various instances, and eventually find the right solution for it. Analytical mind refers to the fact of thinking widely about the project. Must know how to build a link, and which place to post the blogs for best results and more. A professional SEO Marketing agency must have experts who can understand a problem from multiple angles and use the data with logic for best results.
  • Ability to speak and write: An SEO professional who knows the process of doing Keyword Research along with forming their own contents are a lot more preferable than others. Search Engine Optimization is not only about copy and pasting the contents to sites, but it is about putting down complex ideas and thoughts into concepts for the audience to understand and get your products or services more fast and easily.
  • Must have technical Skills: Website is all about codes, as an SEO Professional having knowledge about codes can help you kickass your works faster. Everyone is not born with knowledge but with experience and interest in SEO Marketing surely enables a SEO Marketing professional to know about page loading speed, server-side redirects, HTML Tags, Robot.txt, and more.

About To Hire A Professional SEO Marketing Company? Watch For These Red Flags

SEO is not easy rather it is surely daunting, therefore, the question that arises is how can a business owner with little knowledge of SEO work with an aboveboard SEO agency?

It is surely impossible for business owners to keep studying the changing business trends of SEO and keep themselves up to date. The only way to get the best SEO tactics is to hire a professional SEO Marketing Agency.

Here are a few red flags to make sure that you are on the right path:

  • Beware of the company that promises first-page ranking within a month

White hat SEO is time taking, and if an agency promises you fast, national first-page rankings beware of their tactics. Maybe they involve in negative SEO which is malicious for your website and business. Work with companies who understand that SEO is time taking and for effective results you need time.

  • Secret SEO Strategies

Search Engine Marketing has nothing secret about its strategies. Everyone can learn and start working at any point in time in their life. All it requires is reading the blogs and online resources.

Therefore, if a Professional SEO Marketing Company does not reveal their working strategy or do not even provide a monthly working report they are naturally hiding something. Transparency is the promise of the best SEO service provider and before you hire, make sure they answer all your queries efficiently.

Remember Search Engine will only make your business pages in the top five when they believe that your page content is best for the visitors. Therefore, there is no point of being a winner for a short time, rather work with a company that gives your proper services and top rank along with maximum conversion, but all you need to give them is more time!



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