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What You have to Consider During Website Rebuilding

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Are you planning to re-construct a website? Certainly, it widens your scope to add new features and plugins to offer an unputdownable experience to viewers. But to do that, you have to concentrate on certain aspects. These mainly include:

1.      Website Address  

When attempting to rebuild an existing website, including a new CMS will contribute towards an improved users experience. However, it will also generate latest links which may confuse the search engine and viewers due to the presence of existing links. As such, using the tool of 301 redirect map will avoid such confusion through enabling viewers and search engines to access the requisite pages of such site to a current page destination very easily.

2.      Re-crawling Request

While rebuilding a site, you need to ensure that all the previous contents are properly indexed. So you have to place the re-crawling request as early as possible. This will ensure a faster completion of the process which may have taken a longer duration. Using the webmaster tools is a good idea to ensure that all contents are thoroughly indexed once rebuilding the site.

3.      Analytics

Once decided to revamp an existing forget, you should also create a new profile in Google Analytics. It will help in assessing the traffic generation and response of the viewers towards the revamped website. This will also help in comparing the vital indicators of the earlier and latest web-platform.

4.      Relevant Code

It is better to program your website in a proper code format. It will ensure a consistent display of every website page in different platforms and browsers. It will also minimise the scope of error at the time of indexing and be crawling of website pages through the search engine. In case, your website is not based on a valid code, better do it at once while upgrading.

Keeping an active track with the ever-changing technology, many companies now want to upgrade their websites. This would also them in promoting products and services in a better and bigger way. In the event of encountering trouble during such upgrade, feel free to contact us as early as possible. Our team is quite proficient when it comes to revamping any website. In this way, they will enable your site to gain new features and latest security plugins to deliver a stable performance. To know more, visit our website at once.

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