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Why Azure is Gaining Popularity Over AWS?

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The introduction of MS Azure dates back to the year 2010. Whereas, the AWS (Amazon Web Service) was launched in the year 2006. But it is the Microsoft cloud application that has been witnessing a steady rise in the past years. This automatically highlights the necessity to study the advantages of Azure over AWS.  It mainly includes points such as:

  • PaaS Abilities

It is the Azure that offers stronger PaaS capabilities than that of the AWS. This Microsoft application helps app developers to access the suitable tools, proper environment alongside the building blocks. As a result, they are able to instantly create and deploy the latest cloud solutions. Moreover, they also receive crucial managing, monitoring, and continuous fine-tuning support with this MS Office application.

  • Strong Security

MS Azure is actually been devised in compliance with the SDLC (Security Development Life Cycle) standards. It is the main reason that explains why your private information and services are completely protected once utilising this platform. In addition to that, this Microsoft tool has also obtained approval from the data preservation authority of the EU European Union) which serves as a genuine testimony of its reliability and credibility.

  • Dot Net Compatibility

 Recent findings suggest that the .Net programming language is very much compatible with the Microsoft Azure cloud services in comparison to the AWS. This only denotes the competitive-edge which is enjoyed by this MS Office tool. In addition to that, Azure is also able to work flawlessly with the latest and old applications that comprise the framework of the Dot Net. Besides, it is extremely simpler to shift the applications of Windows into this MS Office platform rather the AWS.

  • Simple Training Curve

Amazon Web service is extremely complicated. This is very much evident with the abundance of surplus tutorials and user guidelines. But the Azure guarantees a simple utilisation of the existing technologies like the Linux and Windows in a well-organised manner. It also offers invaluable tools like the Eclipse, GitHub, Hadoop, XCode, etc, along with various third-party apps and tools.

  • Integrated Environment

It is only by using the Azure that you will be able to obtain a compact environment that shall assist in deploying, diagnosing, and creating Cloud applications. Besides, it will also allow your clients to acquire the frameworks of their choice with other flexible options like the open-source language selection. Most importantly, this MS application guarantees to save your time by supplying necessary devices, data, and so on, within the Cloud premises and outside.

Are you planning to merge your organisation in the cloud? Surely, developing familiarity with the business benefits of MS Azure will help you in this regard. It is our responsibility to install and maintain this application on your behalf. In addition to that, we shall provide you with the vital directives to use this application easily. Don’t think about the budget much. For receiving an early quote, fill the contact form of our website and experience the joy of merger with the cloud platform.

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