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Why Content Writers Must have the basic knowledge about SEO?

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Content Writers are professional writers who produce engaging contents for online use. Content Writers write for Websites, Blogging sites, landing pages, Social Media contents, video contents and much more.

This post is dedicated to all the content writers, SEO executives, clients, and online business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and anyone who wants to start their career in Digital Marketing, SEO, and content writing.

Content written by the content writers can also include sales copy, e-books, podcasts, and text for graphics. The content is published using various Web formatting tools, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also various content management systems like WordPress, Woocommerce, Drupal, Shopify help them to publish their work.

To become tech-savvy content Writer it is very much essential to possess the basic knowledge about SEO because each of the content that you writer get indexed by Google and according to the subject and relevancy of the topic Google crawls the page and gives ita ranking.

Now websites or business owners crave to be at the top pages of Google to attract customers. As a  content writer, it is very essential to construct such contents that are informative and relevant to business and also to Google. Only then a page gets a 1st-page ranking.

Content Writers and SEO

Content writers and SEO go hand in hand, because without Contents SEO is nothing, and Without SEO content or a web page will not get recognization. This is a  way in an organization the content writers and the SEO executives work hand in hand.

According to the results of the Google Analytics, the SEO executives guide the content writer to form blogs, articles and landing pages accordingly. They either suggest to form fresh contents or ask them to modify the existing contents.

The key to good SEO content writing is by doing proper Keyword Research, optimizing the keyword in your page, Content Organization, and content promotion to creates the visibility of your new content.

It is very important for all those reading this post, that if search engine traffic, attracting visitors to your website, or increasing conversions is your target then your goal should be producing good quality contents to inform educate and entertain potential customers, and then optimizing the pages to provide additional value to the search engines.

What is SEO Content Writing?

The term SEO means Search Engine Optimization, optimizing a  website and making it search engine friendly. SEO Content Writing means creating blogs, articles, infographics, product pages, listings, classifieds, guides, slide shows, glossaries, ebooks to increase the value of your website.

No matter how informative your post is, without SEO your page would probably be lost on the 5th or 10th page of Google. Or maybe of the post maybe not in the rank.

SEO Content Writing must be prioritized by online business owners, and service providers so that that are found easily on the web. For content writers, SEO content writing should be done keeping all the important factors or guidelines of Google in mind.

A thorough Keyword Research, placement of keywords in the correct place, using the correct keyword density in the content is very essential. A content writer also must know using LSI, and long-tail keywords when it comes to SEO content writing.

Google loves information, therefore, when writing contents for SEO make sure that you write lengthy contents with detailed information about the subject.

How will the content Writer gather knowledge about SEO

To learn the art of SEO is not very simple, but it can be learned easily by reading journals, watching videos on Youtube, attending webinars, or online classes.

But for a  deeper knowledge of SEO Content Writing it best to join Online training institute or Content Writing Insitution and become a  certified SEO Content Writer.

According to a recent Searchmetrics General Ranking Factors study of Google, overall content relevance was more of a ranking factor than word count, or keywords in the text body, description title, or H1 tag.

Ranking factors and Google Algorithms keep on changing day by day, therefore, content writers must keep them updated on the Google updates and form contents keeping the guidelines in mind.

  1. Study… and study some more!

Studying the online journals like Search engine journal, Search Engine Land, Neil Patel blogs, Content Marketing institute regularly can help you to know all the details about SEO Content Writing.

  1. Know everything there is to know about SEO

To know everything there is to know about SEO practical knowledge and application is very essential. It is said that along with theoretical knowledge practical knowledge is very necessary. So, content writers once you gain the basic knowledge start applying them in your practice works.

If your page comes into rank or the 1st page of google then you can understand that your hard work has paid off. But not stop there, keep on learning and enhancing your knowledge regularly for better results.

  1. Master the art of research

When it comes to SEO content Writing research work is very important. Before starting to writing content on a  certain topic try to gather as much information as possible on that particular topic.

  1. Take help from fellow SEO Experts

Fellow SEO Experts can help you to know about SEO and how to use the keywords appropriately. Since SEO Experts have better knowledge about how many keywords they need in content, they can easily guide you.

  1. Enrol in online webinars for better SEO knowledge

Online Webinars and tutorials can help you to know more about SEO Content Writing. Not only that, this is the best place where you can not only learn but gain the knowledge of a  pro.

Key to great SEO content

1. Identify your exact audience:

Identifying the audience means identifying people who can be in your products and services. For example, if you are planning to open an e-commerce store that sells skincare and makeup products, therefore your audience is everyone in need of skincare and makeup items. Now depending on what type of skincare products you keep in your store, the audience can vary depending on their age, preferences, skin type and more. To know your audience you can research the type of products you sell and who are interested in purchasing your products. Similarly, speaking about services, for example, if you have a   business that provides ticket booking services. Of course, your audience is those who want to travel, and depending on the audience your contents should provide information to inform and educate them.

2. Know why you are writing the content

Once you are done identifying your audience, now its time to know what you are writing the content. What is your goal? Normally, when it comes to writing SEO contents, Digital marketing Agencies has certain criteria. They upload 3 to 6 contents monthly to stay updated in Google and also attract visitors.

The contents are written after proper research on top questions or queries asked on Google related to the product, top products searched by the users, and solving major issues faced by people.

There is this amazing tool called Google Analytics where you have to register your website and you can easily get all details like visitors, top keywords searched, number of visitors in your website, top pages visited by people and lots of other details.

So, once you know the status of your website you can plan the monthly contents accordingly. Creating a   content strategy is very essential for businesses to prosper.

3. Research your competitor's page on the particular topic

As a  content writer or being a  content writer, research is the key to success. Therefore, you must keep your eyes and ears own to know what your competitors are doing. Research what type of blog they are posting, hoe regular they are in posting blogs and articles, what kind of SEO tasks they are doing.

For a better understanding of the on-page best practices here we mention few of them:

Understand the buyer's personas to form blogs: The best way to attract visitors to your page is to understand their pain points, or what they are looking for.

Make a  proper format of your blog or article: Make sure that the content has an intro, body and conclusion. Include a  paragraph or so in the intro section, introducing the audience to your topic. Then slowly move on to speaking about the product or the service you plan to introduce in the post. Next, you can end it with a simple conclusion.

Try to make the content as simple as possible: Remember all types of people are reading your content, they can a  child, a person of younger age, or an elderly person. Therefore contents must be written in simple like the people talk, coming tough words, and clichés.

4. Use tools to check the ranking

Using tools for various purposes of content writing like checking grammar, reviewing the content quality and freshness, keyword research tools can help in boosting the page or content quality. We have already mentioned a  few tools that you can use to check the readability. To check the ranking of the page you can use tools like Google Analysis, google search console, UpCity Free SEO Report Card, Internet Marketing Ninjas, Seolyzer, SEOquake are a  few to name.

Tools help in achieving your SEO goals in minimum time. It also helps in auditing, optimizing, and monitoring your website for better results. Tools help in viewing the way a search engine sees your website or pages. In this way, you can improve your blog or website relevance with the target keywords.


We have just come across a  tough time, with the pandemic not being yet over, but still, with courage in our mind, we have slowly got back to the new normal. There is a major number of people who are trying to avoid mixing around the crowd and trying to accomplish everything required in their daily life by staying inside their house.

When it's shopping for grocery, hiring plumbers, electricians, roof repairing, shopping for clothes, skin care, education, tuition classes, and everything you can think about.

This makes it very essential for business providers to have an online destination. And when you are planning to open an online destination, words become very essential to convey your thoughts.

SEO Content Writing will not only help you convey your thoughts to the audience but also help you to get a resemblance.

Now when it comes to resemblance, there is a basic criterion. People only trust pages that they find on the first pages of Google. Therefore, your goal is to be found on the top pages of Google, and it can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization.

P.S: Therefore, now you understand why it is essential for a content writer to have a basic knowledge of SEO. It is because only if you have the correct efficiency in placing the keywords in the correct places, getting the correct readability of your content, and also simple technical aspects about writing SEO contents, you can give your clients the best ranking, in minimum time.


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