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Emergence of WordPress as a popular open source CRM platform

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of core pillars of a successful business. With the arrival of latest technologies, the task of customer relationship management has become lot easier and time saving. In this regard, WordPress has become an extremely popular open source CRM platform among the owners of e-commerce websites. The overwhelming popularity of this application can only be attributed to subsequent factors such as:


Improved Customer Interaction

The specialised Cogito team will help you to reap the dividends of the latest WordPress CRM technologies to easily understand the preference of customers on a real time basis. In doing so, we will help you to establish a long-lasting relation with the customers through improving service standards.





We will ensure that you do not have to spend money at all while using the WordPress CRM solution. As it is a free open source platform, we only need to integrate its interactive plugins with that of your website to achieve a highly secured customer relationship management system.


Sales Reporting Improvement

We will help you to wisely utilise the WordPress CRM when it comes to gathering vital data and to analyse them accurately. We will make sure that you can easily acquire the essential sales status report with utmost accuracy so as to take the right business decision in future.


Prevent Data Lost

We will provide you dedicated IT support to protect your valuable data from the malicious virus attack and invasion. For achieving such objective, we mainly utilise the WordPress CRM platform to store all your vital data as into a reliable backup system.


Organised Business

We will help you in arranging the essential data of your business in an organised manner. For accomplishing this task, we will help you to use the CRM solution of WordPress which is bundled with features such as calendars, tasks, emails, etc. In doing so, we will ensure that you encounter no problem while accessing or checking information from any part of the world.

Is your business suffering due to lack of proper customer relationship management? Then Cogito Software Solutions is your right destination. We will help you to avail the right CRM application based on WordPress to improve customer experience. We do have the advanced online tools and IT support infrastructure to enrich your website with the unique features of the WordPress CRM. Just place your requirements before us to witness the impressive work standards and commitment in accomplishing the customer relationship management system of your organisation. We will ensure that you do not face any more troubles once installing the CRM solution of WordPress into the site of your organisation. For more information, contact our experts at once.