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Why Zen Cart gains utmost priority in web development project

The task of website development and designing is primarily based on the adoption of distinct approaches to leave an indelible mark of innovation and originality. In such scenario, Zen Cart always receives maximum priority among the web developers. It is actually an open source application that enables site owners to smoothly perform modifications as per their needs. Such open source software is bundled with outstanding operative, accountability, and managerial features. These mainly include:



We will help you to reap the maximum benefits of such feature when it comes to selling products with the support of multiple languages, currencies, payment methods, shipping methods, and tax rates in a particular area. In doing so, we will help your organisation to gain maximum exposure among the domestic and foreign customers.


Customisable Templates

The template system of Zen Cart is in compliant with the code of XHTML 1.0. We will ensure that you can smoothly transform the fonts and graphics of your website with the support of this open source application. With our help, you can also control side boxes through the option of administration




Categories and Products

We will provide you active support and guidance in adding unlimited products and brand categories into your e-commerce website. For that, we will emphasise on utilising this platform that enables administrators to copy or move a product into any distinct category of your choice.


Third-Party Modules

We will widen your scope to develop third-party modules which can be completely integrated with the open source application of Zen Cart. In this way, we will help you to deal with every kind of module once installing a Zen Cart website.




Administration Tool

You can conveniently handle the Zen Cart administration tool with our support and guidance. We will make sure that you can handle activities like image sizes, customer details etc with the support of this administration panel.

Are you encountering problems in handling Zen Cart based website? Then contact us at once. We at Cogito Software Solutions will help you to gain the latest Zen Cart based solutions to ensure that customers have no problem in shopping from your website. The specialised Cogito team is totally aware of the latest technical advancements and business trends to deliver the tailor-made solution of your choice and preference. From installation to upgradation, you will receive our support and guidelines in every step. On the basis of your business requirements, we will provide you the right Zen Cart solution to improve your business fortune. We are always ready to accomplish your project once receiving your request. Just forward your requirements at once so that we can deploy the advanced resources to meet your specific requirements and expectations. So what are you waiting for? Sail with Cogito to explore the new world of website development.